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About eWasha

EWasha Recycling – The designers and installers of waste water treatment systems.
We are leaders in grey water treatment geared at recycling car / truck / bus wash bay water, and harvesting and storage of rainwater.

Our treatment is natural and biological, recycling water back into use.

We have over 100 eWasha wash bay recycling plants in operation around South Africa, including Botswana and Mozambique, saving our clients and the environment millions of litres of water.

Current drought conditions throughout South Africa have necessitated the introduction of water restrictions and increased tariffs, resulting in a negative impact on operations requiring large volumes of reliable water supplies.

Benefits of using EWasha:

• EWasha recycles vehicle wash bay water
• Non-chemical biological process
• No discharge of waste water to sewer
• Reduces sludge build up in grease traps
• Rainwater harvesting replaces Municipal top up
• Locally designed and manufactured
• Reduces demand on Municipal water resources
• Addresses environmental responsibility of corporate and small businesses