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About Formfunc Studio

Formfunc Studio is the exclusive Southern Africa distributor for Humanscale, the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work. Offering award-winning office solutions – including self adjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms and task lighting – inspire movement and support the user in their every posture.

A deep appreciation for ergonomics is at the core of our business. Ergonomics is the study of how to improve efficiency and comfort in a work place. Correct ergonomic design helps to reduce discomfort at work, which increases job satisfaction, productivity and well-being – and reduces costs to the organisation in the long run. All of Humanscale’s work tools were created to be intuitive and adjust effortlessly to the user. We consult with our team of Formfunc in-house ergonomists on projects to ensure our products are the most comfortable available.

As the pioneer and leader of office ergonomics, Humanscale products allow workstations to adapt to the user, not the other way around. Our latest products continue the Humanscale company’s legacy as a leader in innovative, award-winning, user-focused design and include the groundbreaking Element Disc LED task light, QuickStand Eco sit/stand adjustable workstation and the Smart Ocean chair.

Contact Details

Johannesburg – Distribution Centre

30 Falcon Lane (Stand 625), Ext 46, Lanseria Corporate Estate, 1739

Tel.: +27 (0)11 467 1318

Cape Town – Manufacturing Hub

9 Raciti Park, 5 Esso Rd, Montague Gardens

Tel.: 0861 555 271



Formfunc Studio Limited, Wilson Airport Business Park, Kicoshep Headquarters Block B

Tel.: +254 (0)70 682 3283




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