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Inoar South Africa

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About Inoar South Africa

INOAR Professional is a hair treatment research and manufacturing company that distributes globally and is the largest hair treatment company in the world. The company was founded by Inocência Manoel in the year 2000.

• INOAR = Ino + Ar (for Argan Oil)

• The Inoar brand’s history – linked to the story behind its founder, Inocência Manoel. It is not by chance that Inô, as she is known, is called Inoar, as her image is always connected with the company. She also introduced Argan oil to the Western World through her research of the benefits of this miracle oil for hair.

• Argan Oil is the Base of all Inoar Products.

As Inoar South Africa, we share the vision that is Inoar – beautiful hair, with as little fuss as possible. While in Brazil, in a conversation with Ino, she said: “All women, young and old, want beautiful hair. Hair that moves. Hair like the movies. But no one has the time for that fuss every day. With Inoar we are getting closer to the dream – great hair in no time.”

Inoar South Africa is dedicated to bringing our clients great service and great products. We believe in Inoar and the products that they manufacture, we also know that there are greater things still to come, and we wish for every one of our clients to make the journey with us.

Inoar’s mission is to offer innovative beauty products and services that promote consumers’ well-being and satisfaction through quality, efficiency, safety and socio-environmental responsibility.

Inoar stands out from the other brands in the segment because it manufactures in Brazil, products of the highest quality. The selection process for our raw materials is extremely thorough and based on research preformed by skilled chemists and technicians. We only use materials, approved by the competent entities in America and Europe, which above all else are for treating hair.

The company is committed to caring for the environment and does not test its products on animals.

Innovation from beginning to end. Care is taken over the presentation of Inoar’s products throughout the manufacturing process from the active ingredients, the choice of exclusive fragrances to the development of packaging.

With exclusive, premium treatments and award winning products, Inoar is truly a breakthrough company that remains the First, the Only, the Original.

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Waterkloof Gardens, Suite 104, 270 Main Road, Brooklyn, Pretoria

Tel: +27 (0)12 346 1721
Fax: 086 443 5289