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About Just B

Improving South African’s standard of living, Just B empowers and uplifts men and women from different communities by working side by side to manufacture high quality products.

Change the needle, change the thread, the motion of one woman’s dream of empowering other women throughout South Africa, to manufacture products to “Just B perfect”. Born from Jonella who could not have children of her own but, with a passion for making children feel loved and cosy with every product manufactured by Just B, this is embedded in her and all the women she empowers with her dream.

Bespoke baby and toddler products (not forgetting our adult range), made with love and passion, Just B designs and manufactures products, which are versatile, unique and reversible.

Just B provide quality hand-made baby products ranging from personalised design blankets, baby clothes, towels, a 6-in-1 Just B Cosy Cot, complemented by personalised, custom-made linen. The differential factor of Just B’s products is the personalised design and manufacture, according to our customer’s requirements.

We don’t mass produce and we focus on the detail in every product manufactured. This allows us to provide a boutique range of goods to our clients. Our 6-in-1 cot is a lifetime investment for any household and like all our products, the cot can be patented by Jonella and is a project close to her heart, empowering men who manufacture and construct this product.

Just B employs and uplifts women and men, from different communities and with your partnership we can create a better life for many South Africans. Through each hand-made product, you will experience the love and attention to detail.. We assist other creative entrepreneurs by creating, designing and manufacturing their dream products. This allows Just B to never stagnate but constantly grow.

We would like to invite you to share in Jonella’s dream to uplift South Africans while spreading love and compassion with every product manufactured.

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Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
Online Store Hours: Monday – Sunday 24/7/365

Jonella Paul Cell: +27 (0)84 810 3358