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About LEAD – Legal Education & Development

The Rule of Law underpins all our actions. Legislation, policy and protocols are the foundations for how we operate our businesses, how we manage our staff and how we interact with our clients. How we apply and implement these can make or break all our efforts.

We are the LEADers in the training of attorneys and candidate attorneys. Now, the training experience and highly specialised trainers from the Legal Education and Development (LEAD) division of the Law Society of South Africa are at your disposal.

You are welcome to join the seminars and workshops offered to attorneys – see Training Calendar on – or tell us what you need and we will gladly assist.

With over 30 years’ experience, LEAD understands the needs of a modern-day workplace. Its wide range of top-quality seminars and courses provide the knowledge and skills to manage and grow in your work environment successfully.

The LSSA is accredited by SAQA.

Our specialised services include:

• Training of admin staff (secretarial, business writing, office management)
• Training of legal and other staff on key legislation such as PoPI, PAJA and PAIA and also relating to:
– Mediation;
– Labour law (misconduct and incapacity; strikes);
– Commercial drafting;
– Writing for litigation;
– Medical law (Introduction; expert evidence; mediation in medical malpractice disputes).
• Accessible and cost-effective online training through our e-LEADer platform: Course in office administration and client care; legal bookkeeping; customary law.

Read up on the latest developments on the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014.

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Contact Details

LEAD: Old Main Building, Unisa Sunnyside Campus, 145 Steve Biko Street, Sunnyside Pretoria

Tel: +27 (0)12 441 4600


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