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About LFP Training

When partnering with LFP on your BEE Skills Development strategy you will gain fully aligned implementation models that earns maximum points towards BEE at a fraction of the cost.

LFP is a leader in the provision of BEE aligned Skills Development training in South Africa. All our services are geared towards enhancing your company’s BEE compliance ensuring that your company is able to gain maximum BEE points at a fraction of the cost. LFP is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, being 51% black owned and 31 % female owned. As a result, simply partnering with us boosts your BEE rating.

Skills Development Simulator

LFP’s simulator is an industry first. The Skills Development simulator creates hassle free learnerhips, specifically targeted to the sub-sectors of the Skills Development element of the BEE codes. The simulator can be adapted to any industry and allows us to optimize our clients spend by accessing relevant government rebates and tailoring learnerhips to suit their needs, while simultaneously adhering to BEE best practice codes. Our approach ensures that our clients gain maximum BEE points through our learnerhips, for the minimum spend.

LFP e-campus

LFP’s e-campus is the first of its kind in the industry and allows our clients to enroll their staff in learnerhips which greatly reduce the operational implications associated with Skills Development training. As all our SETA accredited courses are BEE aligned, our clients gain the maximum points as well as access to a range of government incentives such as Tax Rebates, youth subsidies and other grants. Clients will be able to claim more than 500% of the actual spend towards their Skills Development target spend.

List of Services:

We offer the following services, all of which are geared towards improving your company’s BEE status and compliance:

• Training Academy
• Recruitment
• e-Campus
• Consulting
• Enterprise and supplier development

Let LFP be your BEE aligned Skills Development Partner and in so doing, significantly enhance your company’s BEE Compliance.

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Tel: +27 (0)11 791 1602