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MV Fiduciary Services Inc.

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About MV Fiduciary Services Inc.

“To say that a man is a fiduciary only begins the analysis; it gives direction to further inquiry. To whom is he a fiduciary? What obligations does he owe as a fiduciary? In what respect has he failed to discharge these obligations? And what are the consequences of his deviation from his duty?” SEC v. Chenery Corporation.

The word “fiduciary” finds its origins in the Latin word for trust. A fiduciary is therefore a person or body placed in a position of trust in relation to the affairs of another, referred to as the beneficiary. The relationship between them carries the highest duty of care and good faith and is known as a fiduciary duty.

Your “Estate” is simply the total extent of your property and possessions. Estate planning is a continuous evaluation and journey with MV, which anticipates and arranges the disposal of your Estate on your death. Optimal Estate planning ensures that:

• Your affairs are in order, which in turn simplifies the administration of your estate. (No complications)
• Your heirs will receive the benefits of your lifelong wealth acquisitions.
• Simplified transfer of assets

MV Fiduciary Services Inc. is a specialised fiduciary service provider with expert knowledge and a wealth of experience to bring goodwill to client relationships incorporating professional and personal service, is the foundation of our business where every client’s specific need are catered for.

We currently have just under One Billion Rand of client assets under effective management. We have built strong specialised partnerships with various legal, accounting and tax’s specialist.

Unlike our our competitors MV does not hold a FSB licence.

Specialised offering:
• Full Family office offering for both local and offshore clients and bespoke Estate, Tax and Business planning
• 48 Hour Turn around
• Professional Partnerships with other specialised practitioners

Our specialised services:
• Independent trusteeships and directorships
• Trust Administration
• Administration of Deceased Estates
• Drafting of Wills and Trusts
• Company Secretarial services
• Estate Planning
• RAF Trust administration
• Medical negligence Trust administration

Contact Details

Unit 3, Boskruin Business Park, 5, Bosbok Road, Boskruin, Randburg

Tel: +27 (0)84 442 6492



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