About Nashua

Nashua Limited has been a major player in the South African office automation market for over 40 years. By constantly improving and innovating their service offering, Nashua has evolved into a full-service business solutions provider and remains a trusted name in South African business.

Who we are:

Since its foundation in 1973, Nashua has remained committed to quality service, living true to the iconic payoff line “Saving you time. Saving you money. Putting you first.” While undergoing a fundamental shift in service offering, the company retains its most valuable brand principle – customer focus. It’s this dedication to putting the customer first that’s earned Nashua its reputation of reliability and quality customer service across its network of over 60 franchises.

Nashua has shifted its focus from providing hardware to offering integrated business solutions that allow customers to increase efficiency, lower operational costs and boost productivity – with particular focus on Managed Print Services and Managed Document Services.

By living their brand promise, ‘Real People, Real Solutions’, Nashua assesses each client’s unique needs and tailors their services accordingly.

Services/products we offer:

• Office print – The sale and service of multifunction printers and printing devices.

• Managed Print Services, Managed Document Services and Enterprise Content Management – The management of print output and digitisation, workflow and storage of documents.

• Production Print – Corporate and commercial printers for large-scale and/or specialised printing.

• PABX – Management of customers’ voice infrastructure within the office.

• Voice & Data – Fixed or mobile services.

• Office Infrastructure – CCTV, access controls, stationery and office supplies, PC equipment, LAN and wireless networking.

Our Green Initiatives

Nashua uses leading-edge technology and proactive thinking to save time and resources to transform offices into greener spaces. From the devices themselves and energy-saving functionality, to changing the way people work, Nashua takes a holistic view of the many small steps businesses can take to make a big change.


The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation (NCCF) supports almost 15 000 underprivileged children. The foundation provides food and toiletries to 72 children’s charities, in the hopes of creating sustainable, child-friendly living conditions. The NCCF also supplies stationery and school supplies to children in townships, and spearheads building projects and upgrades to community centres.