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About One Digital Media

One Digital Media is a digital signage, technology & services company with over 15 years’ experience in the retail, foodservice and technology sectors. We embrace technology to solve client problems.

One Digital Media is group of dedicated and passionate retail, advertising, marketing and technical experts partnered with Rand Merchant Bank Ventures and Bopa Moruo. The origins of the company lay in identifying the client journey through a store, restaurant or mall, finding the correct message to convey in keeping with the overall marketing strategy and delivering that message in a dynamic, flexible and impactful way. We are partnered with Rand Merchant Bank Ventures and Bopa Moruo.

One Digital Media has evolved into the leading provider of digital signage solutions, services and IOT applications in Africa, we provide brand marketers and retailers unique opportunities to reach and engage consumers in-store.

We do this by being part of the solution. Innovation planning with developers and store designers leads to collaboration at every stage of the project to deliver exceptional solutions and services.

Services we offer:

Hardware procurement; We have a network of local and international suppliers and service providers giving our clients competitive pricing and a wide selection of products to choose from.

Software; One Digital Media SWARM software is internally developed by a team of 3 developers who are actively involved with working with other departments to improve the software.

Content creation and animation; Our in-house team of designers have a unique insight into the technology we offer, our client’s needs and how to create the content

Scheduling services; our dedicated team of content schedulers ensure the right media is played at the right time in the right outlets

HelpDesk services; we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable HelpDesk technicians available by phone, e-mail or direct log-in to offer advice and troubleshooting assistance.

Field Services; with a network of installation teams and maintenance technicians we offer a nationwide footprint of back up services.

Business intelligence; a suite of business analytics tools to delivers insights throughout an organization. Data sources include databases, spreadsheets, and online services. Many of these are constantly updated throughout the day, week or year.

IOT (Internet of things) applications; we develop and implement a wide range of applications which help our clients embrace technology to overcome operational issues in their business’.

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Tel: +27 (0)21 180 4888/086 110 6041

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