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Red and Yellow Creative School of Business

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About Red and Yellow Creative School of Business

Red & Yellow is a CHE-accredited Private Higher Education Institution, and a SETA- and SABPP-accredited training provider. We have been teaching business leaders to think creatively since 1994.  Our mission is to teach the great leaders, inventors, creators and entrepreneurs for the 21st Century – producing logical business thinkers who understand human behaviour and use the magic of creative thinking to grow successful organisations.

What we offer

We are certified and equipped to deliver a range of educational programmes:  Degrees, Advanced Diplomas and Certificates,;  online short courses, and Corporate Training and Skills Development programmes such as bursaries, learnerships, skills programmes and workshops.

Our expertise in Creative Thinking and Creative Production; Marketing, Advertising and Communications; Management and Leadership; and Human Skills and Behavioural Science has produced business leaders who’ve achieved incredible career success, locally and abroad.

Our single-minded focus remains to equip students with not only the knowledge, but also the practical know-how to add value from the get-go. We actively pursue partnerships with industry leaders to ensure we deliver education aligned with current needs and future challenges.

We are acutely aware of the increasingly prolific impact of technology on all industry sectors, and determined to prepare humans for this new, inevitable reality. We believe that 21st Century career success relies on a defining factor – uniquely human skills. Our courses and programmes incorporate the awareness and development of the 10 human skills we’ve identified as essential like creative thinking, negotiation and conflict resolution.

We see education as the key to transformation – our social promise ensures at least 10% of our students study for free, along with corporate bursary-partnership packages. Along with experts who can advise corporates on how to gain optimal B-BEEE ROI benefits, while securing access to talented juniors.

Contact Details

2nd floor, 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River

Tel: 0861 878 258

Tel: +27 (0)21 462 1946




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