Regent Business School


About Regent Business School

REGENT Business School is a private higher education institution registered under the Higher Education Act (101 of 1997). Established in 1998, REGENT Business School offers quality and accessible business and management education programmes.

REGENT Business School is accredited and quality assured by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Its programmes are recorded by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). In addition REGENT Business School is also registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)(Registration number No/2000/HE07/012) to offer its range of programmes. In 2002 REGENT Business School received Full Institutional Accreditation from the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC), a quality assuring committee of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

The REGENT Business School’s MBA was formulated with a vision to develop managers and leaders for the local, regional, international and global market. The programme is multidisciplinary in nature and, is focused on integrating key areas of management, enhancing leadership potential and developing the critical skills required to succeed in a fast paced, rapidly changing, complicated, intricate and dynamic business environment.

There’s a common misconception that you need to know exactly what you want from your career before studying an MBA. In reality, undertaking an MBA actually helps you achieve clarity on your professional goals. It challenges your thinking, and helps you develop skills in areas you might not have previously considered. The modules are structured to provide a unique opportunity to gain insights into several industries, gain valuable new perspectives on your current organisation and role, as well as explore interesting aspects of the business world.

The collective belief that the ideal MBA candidate is a “corporate power player” couldn’t be further from the truth. MBA candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, industries and positions. In fact, a class of MBA students is generally a mix of professionals from areas like the public sector, engineering operations, retail, finance, aviation, non-profit and even science backgrounds.

International ranking authority, Eduniversal has ranked the REGENT Business School MBA, 4th in the category of Public Administration / Management in Africa for 2016. The REGENT Business School MBA is the product of months of engagement and consultation amongst REGENT Business School academics, interested students and industry practitioners who teach within the MBA programme on a part-time basis; and MBA alumni and representatives of organisations that employ the REGENT Business School’s successful MBA graduates. Such cross sector engagement has produced a curriculum which seeks to address the need for management and leadership education in the private and the public sectors to be simultaneously efficient and performance oriented, in order to foster growth and therefore paying active and special attention to the social fabric and natural environment in which we live and work.

At REGENT Business School an MBA is not just a packaged product for filling voids that exist in knowledge and competencies. It is a vital step in the transformative experience of lifelong learning. Executives are challenged to take a fresh look at themselves, their international colleagues, international business practices, together with their every day business practices, within their organisations as a whole and, the constantly changing dynamic market situation, in order to enhance and understand the subtle nuances that permeate business practice.

Studying an MBA at REGENT Business School paves the way for our students to extend their professional networks, forge lifetime business partnerships, meet the challenges ofdiverse business enviroments, both small and large, challenge the very foundations of the social, cultural, economic and political intricasies and, great challenges that, confront South Africa and Africa within the ambit of the 21st century. All of this allows for experience to be translated into reality by the school, offering guided tuition, drawing from the experience of its teaching staff that, draws its tuition inputs and modes of delivery by means of interaction with students and, from great business minds that, grace the stage of our tuition and delivery platforms. In addition the school draws from professional faculty and, specially invited guest lecturers who are captains of industry, thus harnessing and consolidating business relationships, acumen and widening social and business networks, to the advantage of the individual, his organisation, and society as a whole. The REGENT Business School MBA fuels creativity, passion and decision-making capacities that are essential to nurture the spirit of business interaction and interplay, rather than relying on the passive absorption of knowledge.We therefore confidently assert that, the REGENT Business School’s MBA, frees people from the silo effects that permeate business culture and thinking, to break out of the cage of captivity and to use knowledge proactively and compellingly; to make informed choices and decisions and to take risks in a positive energising sense, enabling them to face the challenge for a better future.