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Buying and selling property on auction is the way to go

Auctions are fast taking centre stage in the buying and selling of property in South Africa. With commercial, industrial and residential property changing hands on auction every day, the platform is now the first choice in the market place as it offers a conclusive process for both parties.

Following in the footsteps of the world markets, where over seventy percent of property transactions are sold on auction, South Africans are now embracing auction as a competitive option for disposing of their prize possession.

An auction offers benefits for both parties; for the seller, quick turnaround time with a set sale date, providing the peace of mind and assurance that the transaction will be concluded on that day.
The auction attracts pre-qualified buyers, and the sale is not subject to finance, the purchaser is obliged to raise the finance prior to the auction. The Seller gets to set a reserve and should the winning bid fall short of this, he does not have to accept the offer.

With the finance, in place, the buyer enters into a sales contract on the fall of the hammer and is bound to adhere to the auction terms and conditions. The transaction is clean, there are no suspensive conditions and the successful bid is accompanied by a substantial non-refundable deposit.

This is a major benefit in a market where the banks determine the approval of a sale, too often deals fall through due to banks declining the finance. This can be a very frustrating process for both buyer and seller and often leads to foiled plans.

For the buyer, there is no risk of over paying for a property as he/she determines the market value. By placing a property on auction, the seller has made his intentions clear and is a real seller.

An auction ensures that the entire process is transparent, buyers know within a very short period whether their offer is successful. Auction eliminates tedious negotiations which hinder and sometimes derail a sale.

Reliance Auctions is the leader in the Property Auction Industry and since its inception in 2011 has offered an unrivalled sales platform.

Reliance challenges you to list your property with them and experience the pleasure of a hassle, stress-free sales process that will satisfy your price and expectations.

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