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Knowing the law and applying the law to a business’s needs are two very different things. As a business, you don’t need someone to tell you what abstract concepts exist in relation to a legal problem – you want to know what the best course of action is to grow your business, solve your problem or lead your team in a way that gives your business the competitive edge.

At Robyn Hey Attorneys, we are more than just lawyers, we are business owners, trainers, organisation leaders, and problem solvers. If you are looking for someone to perform a legal audit on your business, help you structure your next deal, provide employment law solutions or help you resolve your legal disputes, then you are looking for Robyn Hey Attorneys.

With our background in advising owners of distressed businesses, we know exactly how bad things can get for businesses in South Africa. Robyn Hey has over 17 years experience as an attorney and 11 years as a business owner. With Robyn at the helm, we as a team know exactly what it takes to run a successful business.

We understand the business life cycle. We understand that even the most established companies started with an idea and that protecting that idea and the legacy built up around it is the key for most private companies.



As director of the firm, Robyn is responsible for ensuring the strategic direction of the firm and instilling the culture of the firm into the team. Robyn started her career at what is now ENSAfrica in the insolvency, business rescue and debt recovery team. Her experience in a big firm environment trained her in the rigours of practice and she witnessed first-hand how even the largest of companies could fail if the right internal controls, financial management, and strategic leadership were not in place.

Robyn is committed to ensuring that her clients are forewarned and forearmed in business. An advocate of training and practical legal solutions, Robyn walks alongside clients to ensure that they are aware of the requirements and risks of doing business. Her clients see her as more than an attorney but as part of the leadership team of their business and trust her to provide advice that advances their business.


Before entering legal practice as an attorney, Lee spent 23 years in managing people and training management and teams. As the employment law specialist on the Robyn Hey Attorneys team, Lee relies both on his legal expertise and his extensive experience in forming, managing and developing both large and small teams in the business context.

Lee understands people and the effect of the rigorous requirements of the business on management, individuals and teams which makes him well placed to give practical employment law advice that empowers businesses to effectively manage their teams and deal decisively with any poor performance, misconduct or other employment challenges.


We help your business achieve its most ambitious business goals by:

  • Ensuring your internal company documentation is up to date and appropriate for your company structure, employment arrangements, and management structures;
  • Advising on and implementing commercial transactions;
  • Implementing effective employment structures, helping you get the most out of your team members and managing misconduct in your business;
  • Providing comprehensive solutions for any internal disputes or disputes between your business and third parties;
  • Identifying actual and potential risks in your business and engaging a multi-disciplinary team ranging from business restructuring specialists to corporate coaches and accounting experts to work with you to manage these risks.

As a business owner, we will help you to protect what is yours by:

  • Advising you on your personal risks arising out of running your business.
  • Working with your accountant and financial advisors to make sure that, should disaster strike, your personal financial position is protected to the fullest extent possible.

Training division:

Lee Marcus heads up the training division of the firm and runs workshops that help businesses unlock additional revenue by getting the most from their team. He has trained and continues to train, scores of managers and business owners on the art of simplifying their roles and dealing with performance problems decisively, appropriately and fairly.

Robyn Hey provides training to boards, business owners and managers on future-proofing their business, managing legal risk, and their roles and responsibilities within a legally compliant business

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