Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone


About Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone

Small business-owners want to grow their businesses and want to understand the market opportunities to position their existing or emerging businesses better for the future.

Understanding that need, the SBIDZ has conducted TED-Talk styled information sessions with SMMEs on a monthly basis since 2015 covering questions from the oil, gas and maritime industry, such as: What it means? How oil and gas rigs work? What will happen in the Port of Saldanha? How does it impact the Saldanha community? What does it take to do business
in these industries?

These sessions attract 60 to 100 small businesses every month, and the SMME community is informed on the standards of the oil, gas and maritime industry, as well as challenges experienced in the area and mitigating ways. Where possible, local SMMEs are brought in to tell their entrepreneurial stories, and share insights into a very competitive and highly standardised
industry. Presentations and videos are shared and key sessions have been videographed for sharing online.

Case Study: Collaboration for sustainable Enterprise and Supplier Development in
Industrial Development Zones, Infrastructure phase.

The Challenge:
The SBIDZ is in its infrastructure phase with an expectant community with regard to business opportunities, and growth in businesses in various industries for the immediate and long-term.

The SBIDZ will be a new open space for upstream oil, gas and marine repair, fabrication, logistics and related servicing in the Port of Saldanha. It provides a place where like-minded visionaries have the freedom to partner, create new opportunities, to generate growth and gain a sustainable advantage.

The surrounding region responds to this opportunity through its highly collaborative, innovation-driven and resilient SMME ecosystem, where SMMEs can assume their role in contributing to the economy and creating jobs.

Optimisation Areas:
• Creating partnerships with corporate partners in Enterprise and Supplier Development.
• Mutually improved access between buyers and suppliers.
• Easier ways of identifying development needs of SMMEs.
• Improved communications between buyers and suppliers.
• Pooling of resources by corporates
• Leveraging on opportunities from other sectors.
• Improved access to markets for SMMEs.
• Improved access to development partners.
• Stimulating innovation and stronger value chains.

The Results:
The creating, launch and implement of Grow-Net. A combined database of SMMEs from all corporate partners resulting in a platform where all of the optimization criteria is met. The initiative is supported by National, Provincial as well as local government, and represents a Public Private Partnership with its partners with the Private Sector and Development partners.

Contact Details

24 Main Road, Saldanha Bay, 7395

Tel: +27 (0)87 095 0261