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Sentio Capital Management (Sentio), founded in 2007, is an investment manager operating in, both, the institutional and retail markets with a range of products from hedge funds to unit trusts. Sentio is largely owned by its management and staff but has a solid strategic shareholder in RMI. Many of SA’s largest financial institutions and pension funds are clients of Sentio and its team of seasoned investment professionals has a recognised track record.

In short, Sentio offers its clients the best of the nimbleness of an independent investment manager and the institutional robustness of a large manager.

“Invest for Good” is a principle that permeates Sentio’s investment process as well as it’s business and culture. Being “good” is a simple mantra encompassing many facets of excellence: be a good investor, a good partner to clients, a good corporate citizen and a good place to work. In total, investing for good implies long term sustainability, meaning the strong emphasis is placed on achieving the returns required by clients, the environment those returns are generated in (ESG factors), as well as giving back to the society we operate in.

The essence of Sentio’s investment style is based on the premise that markets are not always efficient, with stocks and other assets constantly straying from their intrinsic values because the markets overreact to events in the short-term.

Sentio’s key differentiators are centred around disciplined and rigorous processes using innovative technology that allows it to more accurately value assets and markets using a variety of tools and methodologies. This, and the ability to construct optimal portfolios lead to superior risk-adjusted returns over time. A strong valuation focus, detailed company research and integrated risk management of security in the context of a portfolio, allows Sentio to make high conviction calls at risk levels which are well understood. Sentio’s major proprietary advantage lies in the way in which it synthesises investment research and scientific portfolio construction, using machine learning and AI, basically from inception 12 years ago.

This results in an overall strategy that integrates various disciplines of finance and investment, resulting in risk management not separate in a silo, but integral to the stock selection process from the bottom up through to portfolio construction.

At Sentio, risk management is. This approach allows Sentio to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns relative to any benchmark consistently and sustainably over time.

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