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About Snap Tech International

Organizational success is dependent on the realization of the benefits planned from strategy. A successful strategy needs excellent delivery capability, that is both effective, through doing the right things, and efficiently doing those things the best possible way.

Snap Tech delivers project management training and skills development services designed to transfer knowledge and pragmatic best practice experience through structured engagements that give ROI expected in the shortest possible timeframe.

Recognised as industry pioneers in developing organisational capability we work with organisations to align project, programme, portfolio, risk and change management initiatives to enable organisations to transition into the desired state.

We prioritise the process of knowledge transfer to empower you and your organization to become independent and self-sufficient.

Our holistic approach to capability building is structured and addresses your strategic objectives, your people and your organisational maturity.

Snap Tech is a leading provider of International Best Practice standards, frameworks, models and methods, with a global footprint and internationally
recognised reputation.

Our services include:

• Maturity Assessments
• Methodology Implementation
• PPPM Assurance and Health checks
• Capability Improvement Workshops

We offer international qualifications in portfolio, programme and project management, risk management, project offices, benefits, change management and facilitation skills.

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