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South African Breweries (SAB)


About South African Breweries (SAB)

The South African Breweries (SAB) is actively driving job creation in South Africa by supporting entrepreneurs across the spectrum, including increasing opportunities to become part of its supply chain.

From rural entrepreneurs to big business, SAB has laid the foundation to support entrepreneurs and create a total of 10 000 jobs in South Africa by 2021 using its entrepreneurship programmes – SAB Kickstart, SAB Foundation, SAB Thrive and SAB Accelerator, as well as its agriculture programmes to grow emerging farmers.

Job creation is embedded in the company’s business strategy, which focuses on fostering a better world where everyone has an opportunity to improve their livelihoods.

We believe in the power of one idea, which is sparked within each entrepreneur and we are committed to supporting these businesses and the potential they hold to bring positive change in people’s lives.

SAB backs entrepreneurs 100%.

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