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About STBB (Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes)

STBB is well-known as the largest property law firm in South Africa and represents, nationally, the benchmark in client service.  This achievement reflects the firm’s recognized experience in all aspects of property matters, which incorporates extensive, in-house expertise incorporating most other fields of law practice, forming the basis of the firm’s strong market position.

The firm was established in 1900 and at present the firm consists of approximately 90 professionals practising from 11 offices throughout South Africa. By focusing on offering a highly effective, yet friendly service, STBB clients have a pleasant experience no matter what the situation. This approach solidifies STBB’s reputation as the “approachable local legal expert”.

Legal services we offer:

Property Law
The property law services we provide are supported by specilaised Law Units to concentrate required expertise for the benefit of clients. The Development Law Unit houses experts in the fields of property law, planning law, environmental law, water law and local government law. The Construction law Unit focuses on corporate and commercial construction law litigation. (Director and Head of the Unit, Stoffel Ackermann, is also the co-founder of the Society for Construction Law of South Africa (SCLAfrica), an inclusive, non-profit organisation for the development and furtherance of the knowledge of construction law and related issues in Africa.)

Corporate and Commercial
The Corporate and Commercial branch of the firm has developed alongside the firm’s property practice to support the wide reach of property practice and transactions in South Africa, specifically on the commercial side. This team’s strengths lie in the diverse expertise of the practitioners involved that has enabled the firm to expand into areas of commercial law beyond property, such as the disposal and acquisition of businesses, take-overs, mergers and acquisitions, tax law generally, construction,  renewable energy and the hospitality industry.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation
Whatever your trade, manoeuvring in the world of commerce requires, amongst other elements, skill, tenacity and certainly some business insight. Nonetheless, and so armed with these weapons, there exists some opposed forces in the marketplace to frustrate even the most judicious.

From the enforcement of rights and duties of a contractual nature, to the recovery of or compensation of damages from a business perspective, as well as lending sound legal advice throughout the litigation process, the STBB litigation team stands by their clients. Our field of expertise includes, inter alia: –

  • Advice on commercial contracts;
  • Formulation of contractual claims;
  • Actions and applications for evictions;
  • Interdicts of various kinds;
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes;
  • Construction and Building disputes;
  • Arbitrations;
  • Insolvencies and liquidations;
  • Disputes of shareholding or membership of business entities;
  • Sale and purchase disputes;
  • Enforcement of monetary claims and specific performance; and
  • Legal proceedings in both the Magistrates and High Court.

Our array of local and international clientele continues to receive sound legal assistance throughout the pre and post litigation phases. In the tentative world of commerce, what is indeed certain is that, with the guidance of our experienced commercial litigators, your business will be afforded its due protection and enforcement of its legal rights.

Family and Divorce Law
Family Law encompasses a wide range of legal matters that require the assistance of a skilled attorney. Our experienced Family and Divorce Law team deals with the whole range of issues that arise in family law matters, including:

  • Divorce, spousal maintenance, maintenance applications, parental responsibilities and rights, prenuptial and antenuptial contracts;
  • Protection orders, spousal abuse, domestic violence;
  • Advice on separation of parties involved in cohabitation relationships;
  • Adoption, surrogacy, surrogacy law and surrogacy agreements, parenting plans and child abduction; and
  • The consequences of religious marriage agreements, including marriages in terms of Muslim rites.

We also provide advice and assist with contracts for adoption and surrogacy as well as parenting plans.

Estates and Trusts
To ensure that your estate devolves efficiently, cost effectively and with a minimum of delay upon your chosen beneficiaries, it is important that you draw up a valid will assisted by a suitably qualified professional. Apart from the nomination of heirs and the appointment of an executor to administer your estate, consideration should be given to any of the following topics which have relevance for you:

  • Is there sufficient liquidity in your estate to settle your debts, taxes and estate administration costs and to provide for the financial security of your family? If insufficient how can this be remedied?
  • Can any estate duty for which you may be liable be minimised?
  • How should you provide for your maintenance obligations in terms of your divorce order?
  • The formation of a testamentary trust to manage any assets being awarded to a minor beneficiary and the appointment of trustees to manage same.
  • The appointment of a guardian for minor children.
  • How best to provide for your offshore assets.
  • Could the formation of an intervivos trust be beneficial to you?
  • Will your business interests be adequately protected on your death?

By seeking the best possible professional assistance you will be able to identify problem areas, investigate solutions and achieve the peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything possible to streamline your financial affairs and to ensure that your will is a sound legal document.

Employment Law
Employment and the laws relating thereto have become increasingly complex. Our specialist Labour Law Department offers expert advice on all labour and employment related issues, including:

  • Strategic advice on all employment law issues
  • Drafting employment policies and codes of conduct including contracts for SA employees operating in Africa and elsewhere
  • Drafting restraint of trade and confidentiality agreements
  • Advising on and interpreting labour statutes, codes of practice and regulations
  • Conducting employment law due diligence investigations
  • Advising on Section 197 transfers
  • Advising on disciplinary and performance issues and disciplinary and performance enquiries
  • Employment equity compliance
  • Conducting occupational health and safety investigations into workplace accidents and preparation of reports for the Department of Labour
  • Managing executive disputes
  • Restructuring exercises and retrenchments
  • Training on managing discipline, performance and ill health in the workplace
  • Litigation in the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court and High Court in respect of all employment law disputes, including:
    • CCMA and Bargaining Council reviews
    • Recruitment and selection disputes and litigation
    • Sexual harassment disputes
    • Urgent strike interdicts
    • Restraints of trade

Non-Resident Services
So many of us, when involved with transactions where one or more party is a non-resident of South Africa, experience disquiet when questions relating to repatriation of funds, obtaining tax clearances and the like arise as there are so many permutations and intricacies that may apply.  It is undeniably not worth the risk advising a client, potentially to his detriment (and ultimately your own), if you are not 100% sure about the relevant requirements and allowances.

Browse through our brochures page for more in-depth legal information on our services.

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