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Thought-leaders in talent-to-strengths development.

Strengths Institute is the South African leader within talent & strengths-based training and development. We combine world-class programs with our extensive experience of organisational and leadership development to deliver sustainable results for our diversified portfolio of clients in Southern Africa, Africa, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and the Russian federation.

We focus on high-performance team dynamics to maximise corporate employee engagement. By integrating the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ talent assessment into our targeted engagements, we offer one of the best researched organisational development methodologies available today.

Deep-rooted experience in Strengths-based organisational development.

Strengths Institute focusses on coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training from a Strengths-based methodology.

Our impact is rooted in our skill and experience to utilise thoroughly researched and proven tools within a unique African context. We are able to respond to the specific needs of individual, team and organisational development within the diverse landscape of the African economy, culture, politics, education and business.

Growing from strength to strength

The secret of our clients’ success stories is that the strategic and contextual approach towards strength development with leaders, managers and staff is tailored within the South African context. We do not simply attempt to deploy a tool, expecting automatic change. We utilise the best available tools, adapt it to the contextual application, and achieve great, sustainable results.

Specialised services:

• Clinton StrengthsFinder™ assessments
• Individual employee, management, leadership coaching and mentoring.
• Strengths-based management development programs.
• Strengths-based team dynamics.
• Strengths-based recruitment and placement reports.
• Team-based Communication, collaboration, high-performance training sessions.
• Effective action plans and leadership feedback.
• Strengths coach training

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