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About The Tennant Group

Tennant Group: Offering a bespoke partnership in complete Employee Benefits solutions, which ensure mutual growth and prosperity for our clients and in turn the Tennant Group.

What we offer:

The Tennant Group is a collective of companies focusing on optimisation of Employee Benefits. We specialise in Benefit Consulting for Medical Aid and Retirement Funding; Retirement Fund Administration; Individual wealth creation and Human resource solutions.

The Tennant Group is an independent Financial Services Provider, this impartiality allows us to comprehensively compare quotations from Insurers to ensure the best possible solutions for our clients.

Retirement Fund Consulting Services

The Tennant Retirement Fund division is driven by a group of highly skilled and qualified consultants. This team will analyse retirement and risk benefits to ensure that you have a full understanding of your financial position and will continuously strive to improve your financial well-being.

Based on international reporting styles, the team offer comparative quoting and market research when designing benefit structures to ensure the benefits offered are best suited to each industry and are client specific. These benefits are reviewed annually to ensure the optimal balance between risk benefits whilst still striving towards a sustainable income at retirement.

Retirement Fund Administration

Tennant Administration Services are a 13b registered administration company, established over 24 years ago.

We provide administration services to funds to a diverse client base, managed by a staff compliment proficient in Fund Administration (ISAE 3402 TYPE 2 REPORT). We have a strong focus on transparency and reporting to member, Employer and Trustees. This is done via automated reporting, online access and regular interactions with the Company.

We boast a powerfully, fully integrated administration and accounting system which ensures our ability to submit Fund Audited Financial Statements continuously within the prescribed deadline.

Medical Aid Consulting and intermediary Services

Tennant Medical Aid Consulting believe in a holistic approach when it comes to the healthcare needs of employees, and we pride ourselves in our personal service. We understand the vital importance of having medical aid benefits, and endeavour to educate members of this importance.

We believe member education is the corner stone to ensuring employees are on the correct plan option and to ensure that they are aware of the benefits available to them.

We also strive to explain medical aid benefits and process in an easy to understand manner, eliminating the confusion often encountered when dealing directly with medical schemes.

Individual Wealth Creation, Investments and Risk Protection Services

Tennant Wealth is an independent financial adviser licenced with the FSB and is primarily focused on providing individual financial planning, retirement advice, wealth protection and other services related to personal financial health. We take the hassle out of investing for your retirement and will be there with you every step of the way, whilst ensuring that your financial health is taken care of.

Being independent, we are not tied to any insurance companies, asset managers or other service providers and can therefore provide tailored advice to our clients. We are able to do investments both locally and offshore. Investors benefit from the advice of independent financial advisers in setting and achieving their long-term investment objectives. An independent financial adviser can help you to make decisions about which products and funds meet your investment needs and suit your risk profile. Maximise your opportunities through our diverse, secure and tax efficient portfolio of investments.

We also advise on risk insurance to provide for protection against the financial risks associated with illness, accident or death. We have a wide range of different options and service providers which we are able to offer depending on each individual’s requirements and risks.

Tennant Human Capital Consulting Services

Tennant Human Capital Solutions is a dynamic resource for all your HR needs.

We believe that Human Resources inspires business performance and has a direct impact on your bottom line. We therefor partner with clients to identify and implement HR initiatives which foster engaged, productive employees as a bridge to a more successful, sustainable and high performing business. We also empower our clients with the tools to reduce employment costs, reduce people risks and increasing employee productivity providing a direct benefit to your businesses bottom line.

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants offer the full range of HR services from Payroll and Transactional HR, Industrial Relations, Statutory Compliance, to Strategic HR Mentorship.

Whether you want to outsource the full HR function or utilise specific services to complement your existing HR capacity, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Contact Details

Block A, Suite 3, Hurlingham Office Park, 59 Woodlands Avenue, c/o Republic and William Nicol Drive, Gauteng, 2196

Tel: +27 (0)11 100 8100