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About Ubuntu Equity

Is investing in enterprise development a tick in the ED compliance checklist or sound impact investment initiative to which CFOs need to be held accountable? The Ubuntu Accountant is a cloud based platform helping organisations invest their ESD spend responsibly & helps funders track the impact of that spend, whilst earning a financial return on the investment.

Funders create an account online where they are linked to a pool of pre-approved SMEs. Funders have an option to manage the finance approval and disbursement or can also outsource to the Ubuntu team. A monthly financial report is sent to the funder showing month on month tracking of the ED spend as well as financial perfomance of the portfolio.

Our funding has a nich focus on short-term bridging finance with high returns. With a pool of over 20,000 SMEs on our online platform, the Ubuntu Accountant cuts the hastle out of enterprise development, bringing you quality investment prospects wherever you are. Our risk vetting algorithm identifies SMEs that are exceptional in capital management, making sure funding is channeled towards SMEs that are growing.

Our specialised services include:

• Bridging finance
• Finance application and management software
• Online certified business basics course
• Management consulting services
• Online accounting

Learn more on how to invest your ED spend using Ubuntu.

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143 Pruimbos Avenue, Allens Nek, Johannesburg

Tel: +27 (0)11 679 2913