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About University of Johannesburg Department of Marketing Management

University of Johannesburg Department of Marketing Management – The Department of Marketing Management at UJ offers a full spectrum of Marketing and Retailing qualifications – from certificate to doctoral level.

We strive to be a catalyst for the creation and transfer of a full spectrum of specialised marketing skills and knowledge to meet the diverse needs of our students, the market and other stakeholders.  Our academic education is enhanced by work integrated learning as well as academic and specialised research through dynamic, innovative and vibrant teamwork.

Marketing Management (UJ) is the leading Department in terms of:

  • Number of staff specialising in Marketing and Retailing
  • Number of staff with Doctoral and Masters Qualifications
  • Number of programme and module students
  • Variety of marketing/retailing modules/topics offered on undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Services and Products we offer

  • Customised courses in Marketing or Retail to fit company specific needs – our current corporate clients include Builders Warehouse and Pick n Pay
  • Certificate in Marketing and Customer Centricity (short learning programme/ short course in Marketing Management)
  • Certificate in Retail Management (short learning programme/ short course in Retail Management)
  • National Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Retail Business Management
  • BTech Marketing
  • BCom Marketing Management
  • BCom Honours (Marketing Management)
  • MCom Marketing Management (research or modular based)
  • PhD in Marketing Management

All our programmes are evaluated by members of the Marketing and Retail Industry on a regular basis to ensure our qualifications’ relevance to the dynamic market environment.


The Department of Marketing Management at the UJ has a long-standing relationship with the Abraham Kriel, Maria Kloppers and Emdeni Children’s’ Homes.  We lend our support where we can, for example, repairing and painting gyms for the homes or donating old clothes and toys.  Prof Mornay Roberts-Lombard serves on their marketing committee. The Department is also involved with other yearly projects like Mandela day celebrations where the Department’s staffs participate in a variety of community projects to celebrate the day and do their part for community enrichment.


The Department of Marketing Management strongly believes in establishing relationships with key role-players within the Marketing field.  Personnel are members of various professional bodies and associations thereby staying ahead of trends and developments within the marketing sphere.

Some of the professional associations represented include:

  • Academy of Marketing Science (AMS)
  • Agricultural Economic Association of Southern Africa (AEASA)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK
  • Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • European Marketing Academy
  • European Retail Academy
  • Institute of Marketing Management (IMM)
  • Leadership Forum
  • South African Shopping Centres Council
  • Southern African Communication Association (SACOMM)
  • Southern African Institute of Management Scientists (SAIMS)
  • Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA)
  • Standards Generating Body for Marketing

BEE status

 The University of Johannesburg is a level 4 contributor to B-BBEE

Contact Details

C-Ring 612
Auckland Park Campus
Corner University and Kingsway Road

Tel: 011 559 3200
Fax: 011 559 4943


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