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Ziphelele Planning & Environmental Consultancy


About Ziphelele Planning & Environmental Consultancy

Ziphelele Planning & Environmental Consultancy (ZiPEC) is a multi-disciplinary professional service provider in the field of Built Environment. Our services encompass a wide range development and spatial planning solutions.

The involvement of women as decision makers and as visionaries in urban and rural planning has been very limited in the past, and it remains a challenge. ZiPEC was established with a view to meaningfully partake in the process of redressing the historical imbalances in the sector and to encourage young professionals to strengthen their professional skills through hard work and independence. As such, the organisation was founded in 2009 as opportunities to empower and build the capacity for young professionals in the built environment sector emerged.

ZiPEC is one of a few development and environmental planning companies owned by a young, professional registered planner in South Africa.

We are a 100% black-owned, 100% youth-owned, and 100% women-owned company.

The organisational functions are channelled by Ms. Gugulethu Sithole (Founder and Registered Professional Planner) who has acquired extensive skills in Project Management, Geographic Information System, Development and Statutory Planning as well as Environmental Management. She has also been involved in the services of local municipalities serving as a member of a Development Planning Commission and a Municipal Planning Tribunal. Our services include:

Town/Development Planning:
• Site analysis, evaluation & development advice, Site development layout/settlement planning, Statutory development applications in terms of the relevant acts, Building Plans.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Solutions:
Data Capture, Data Compilation, Data Analysis & Maps production, e.g.:
• Zoning Maps
• Land Use Maps
• Environmental Management Maps

• Settlements layout plans, Housing sector plans, Feasibility assessments

Project Management:
Project feasibility Assessment and projects packaging, Management of sub-contractors, Project planning, implementation and monitoring

Policy Analysis & Strategic Development Planning:
• Evaluation and formulation of municipal planning policies (such as Integrated Development Plans (IDP), Spatial Development Framework (SDF))
• Formulation Departmental Sector Plans (Housing Sector Plan, Local Area Plan, Precinct Plan)

Environmental Management & Impact Assessments:
• Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Audits, Social Impact Assessments, Facilitation of environmental and developmental projects

Waste Management & Water Use:
• Waste Management Application as required in terms of National Environmental Management: Waste Act No. 59 of 2008, The development of Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMP), Water use licence & general authorisation applications

Property Management:
Property development feasibility studies, Management of Property Portfolios

Capacity Building & Empowerment:
We acknowledge great contribution made by the youth in society and have an eye for identifying young talent. We offer internships to assist graduates towards their professional registration.

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Contact Details

Head Office: 25 Sycamore Road, Glenwood, Durban, 4001

Tel: +27 (0)31 459 0967
Cell: +27 (0)82 075 3891
Fax: +27 (0)86 776 4676


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