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Rumble in the BI Jungle 25 March 2019

By: Alicornio Africa HR Essentials

From the previous article Bungle in the Jungle (Part 1): Well executed Business Intelligent programs calls for agility in the BI jungle. Unwieldy swinging in the BI-jungle leads to a serious Rumble in the BI jungle.

The True Cost of a Bad Hire 20 March 2019

By: Gcubed Boutique Recruitment Business Essentials

A bad hire may seem as though it does not have much effect on the business but as we will see from the experience of one CEO, Vivek Agarwal, how this can have serious repercussions.

Reducing Absenteeism 19 March 2019

By: Fetola Business Essentials

South Africa’s alarming statistics on absenteeism have a direct bearing on many businesses, large and small, which are plagued by unplanned absenteeism. However, a proactive management approach affords business owners the best possible outcome in dealing with this challenge.

Freelancers & Flexibility: The Rise of The Gig Economy 19 March 2019

By: Business Essentials Business Essentials

Over the last 3 years, the perception of flexible working options for remote workers has grown from a luxury to a new minimum standard. What was once reserved for those bold, lucky few living the dream from their laptops in Bali now resonates with over 75% of all employees in the UK, who want the option to work flexibly as a standard condition of their employment.