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Ten Steps to Becoming a BEE Compliant Business 16 May 2019

By: LFP Training ABC of BEE

The BEE scorecard encourages businesses to push for economic growth, specifically focusing on people of colour in South Africa. It is based on the concept of offering incentives through additional business. Economic growth begins with skills development involving training and hands on development through employment equity and the development of new business.

Running on Empty 15 May 2019

By: Maurice Kerrigan Africa HR Essentials

When you have a manager who repeatedly flies off the handle, screaming, swearing and slamming doors, all is not well. Employees are likely to feel petrified and literally paralysed when faced with these daily tirades.

Volatility and the Case for Market-Neutral Investing 13 May 2019

By: Prescient Investment Management Corporate Essentials

Several growth-supportive factors that equity and other markets have grown accustomed to over recent years are now reversing, with the result that the dynamics in play during the pre-quantitative easing regime are likely to return to favour.