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Earth Day 2018: Put an End to Plastic Pollution 21 April 2018

By: Garth Prins Business Essentials

  Here’s how you can celebrate Earth Day 2018 in South Africa Celebrated every year on 22 April, Earth Day Network is an initiative to free the future of plastic pollution. Following the devastating oil spill in California in 1969,

A Complete Renovation of an Existing Family Residence 20 April 2018

By: Nuclei Lifestyle Design Fine Living

A colourful project with a comprehensive set of needs and goals “People think that the most appropriate building is a rectangle, because that’s typically the best way of using space. But is that to say that landscape is a waste

100% Return on Investment with this Strengths Course 20 April 2018

By: Emergence Growth HR Essentials

  Want to know how to get your Gallup Strengths Certification basically for free? What if I tell you there’s a way for you to get more than 100% ROI, available immediately, on your Gallup Strengths Certification course (ASC), without

Keep Up With New Technology Without Spending a Fortune 19 April 2018

By: InnoVent ABC of BEE

  Don’t sweat your IT assets – get new hardware for your business without breaking the bank New technologies are advancing at an ever-increasing rate from the new developments in artificial intelligence, to wearable technology and self-driving cars. We cannot

Ever Considered Subdividing Your Property? 19 April 2018

By: Denoon Sampson Fine Living

  Denoon Sampson Ndlovu Inc provides insight on subdividing your property In the days of old, space was not at a premium and there was more time to maintain large gardens. This is especially so in suburbs such as Bryanston

2018 Oliver Top Empowerment Awards 19 April 2018

By: LFP Training ABC of BEE

  LFP Training honoured with a coveted award at the 2018 Oliver Top Empowerment Awards It’s one thing to talk about success, but what truly speaks volumes is to be recognised for it. We are pleased to announce that against

You Are What You Eat 18 April 2018

By: Raw Love Pets Health And Wellness

  What are biologically and species appropriate food? These age-old truths not only apply to humans – they are equally true for our domestic companions. It even holds true for cars and machinery! To have a healthy and happy animal