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Staying Local is Lekker 25 May 2017

By: Guest Author Events & Exhibitions

Premier Hotels & Resorts Group Sales & Marketing Manager, Grant Sandham, explains: “While the country’s exchange rate has been advantageous for foreign tourists, it has put pressure on locals’ pockets – leading to an increase in domestic leisure trips (staying

The Social Media Competitive Advantage 24 May 2017

By: Prana Business Consulting ABC of BEE

  Social Media is not going anywhere. In fact it has become such an important tool to reach customers and get insight into customers that it is no longer optional for a business. Not only will making use of social

What is Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) and do you need it? 22 May 2017

By: Commerce Quest South Africa ABC of BEE

Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) sounds like a trending IT phrase that is being thrown around. This can set off some alarms in your head and makes you question your own IT security and susceptibility. Before you jumping into Virtual Disaster

The UCT GSB still in the Top 100 Business Schools 18 May 2017

By: UCT Graduate School of Business HR & Skills

The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has claimed its place in the 2017 Financial Times rankings of the world’s top customised executive education offerings, beating competitors from as far afield as France, Canada, Italy, Norway and Belgium and signalling

Workplace Integrity is a Long-Term Investment 18 May 2017

By: Guest Author HR & Skills

Creating a culture of integrity is probably the single most important way of proactively curbing criminal and unethical activities in the workplace, however it is not something to be achieved overnight, which is probably why so many companies overlook this