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A Personal Framework of pain 28 March 2017

By: Guest Author Uncategorized

As a child, our approach to pain is strongly influenced by our parents’ view of pain. My parents had a Cartesian view of pain and this became the foundation for everything I know about pain(Descartes, 1972). As we progress through

The Internet of Things and Cybersecurity 28 March 2017

By: Guest Author Corporate Essentials

The Internet of Things and Cyber Security The Internet of Things seems to be what everybody is talking about these days. With an increase in connectivity and the availability of interconnected devices, data sharing is offering new ways for businesses

What is a brand? 28 March 2017

By: Prana Business Consulting Leave your thoughts ABC of BEE

  Often brands are thought of as synonymous to a label or a logo, but this is untrue. People are able to fall in love with and become loyal to brands. This is not a love of or loyalty to