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How to “Greenify” Your School! 25 January 2019

By: Green Office Corporate Essentials

The children of today will be the architects and thought leaders of tomorrow, therefore it is imperative for us, as their mentors and teachers, to set the example of being more environmentally conscious and responsible. We need to practice what we preach by implementing an environmentally conscious and friendly zone. Schools allow children to share life experiences and lessons while learning the values they will carry with them for a lifetime.

What Is Normal Sleep? 24 January 2019

By: The Morningside Sleep Centre Health And Wellness

The first question is how long should one be sleeping. This depends on one’s age, and there are also large individual variations. An infant may sleep as much as 20 hours per day. A preteen needs between 8 ½ and 9 ½ hours generally, as does a teenager. However, a teenager will have what is known as a “sleep phase shift”. What this means is that they will tend to only be able to go to sleep much later than usual, and will have a lot of difficulties getting up in the morning.

BI is for the Birds 24 January 2019

By: Alicornio Africa HR Essentials

Who is still interested in doing Business Intelligence – only the birds? Can’t we just simply pour all our business data into one server and let business users loose to explore? We have tried this approach in the past. Perhaps we can try again. Although be aware of Bird Imbecile systems!