28 Aug

3 Keys to Making Better Data Driven Decisions

By: Madeline Tenkrooden BUSINESS ESSENTIALS

The competitive edge you’ re looking for can be found in your company’ s data. Yet, surprisingly, 61% of businesses and IT executives admitted their small or midsize company makes critical business decisions without relevant information or quality data.

Key #1 to data visibility: Align your business activities with your corporate strategy. See how, watch the video


Key #2 to data visibility: reduce the strain of regulatory compliance. Learn how with the TEC whitepaper


Key #3 to data visibility: Get the right resources in the right places

Use SAP Business One for one version of the truth.
From the big picture down to the smallest detail, this fully integrated solution gives everyone across your small or midsize business a single version of the truth, in real time.

1 Capture data across sales, customers, operations, purchasing, and inventory in a single system
2 Leverage a library of predefined reports, layouts, and graphical presentation options
3 Get snapshots of key performance indicators through prebuilt dashboards
4 Find the answers you need with drag-and-relate technology and interactive drill-down

For a no obligations consultation to assess your business requirements, contact 4most at info@4most.co.za or +27 12 345 2505


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