09 Oct


09 October, 2013

A five-year contract for transport and warehousing services has been awarded to Imperial Retail Logistics by Kraft Foods – now Mondelez South Africa. Outlining the significance of this contract award, commercial director Friedel Spies notes that it represents Mondelez’s move from handling these functions in-house to outsourcing their transport and distribution requirements. The contract will see Imperial Retail Logistics moving a total of approximately 62 000 tons – or 25 million cases – per annum for Mondelez, Spies adds.

“The scope of the contract comprises mainly warehousing and secondary distribution, as well as some primary transport on specific land routes, “he reveals. “Imperial Retail Logistics will receive product from multiple manufacturing facilities – in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland – and distribute this via warehouses in Johannesburg and Durban, to Mondelez customers in Gauteng, the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal.”

Imperial Retail Logistics’ ability to provide a solution that incorporates both temperature controlled and ambient storage and distribution for Mondelez’s range of products was one of the factors that contributed to it securing this contract. Spies elaborates: “We have the opportunity here to leverage our substantial existing experience in temperature controlled distribution networks, and to add Mondelez’s well-established, global brands to our confectionary basket.” Imperial Retail Logistics is also the integrated logistics service provider for Beacon, as well as premium European brands Lindt & Sprüngli and Ferrero.

With a combination of insulated and refrigerated fleet, as well as refrigerated warehouse facilities in Johannesburg and Durban, Imperial Retail Logistics has invested in the required resources and expertise to succeed in the testing confectionary sector, Spies states. The company will utilise its multi-principal – and multi-temperature – warehouse facilities in Johannesburg and Durban in its contract for Mondelez, he says.

Mondelez’s requirement for global standards in warehousing, handling, storage, re-packing and transportation, which also comply with local legislation, is an integral part of the contract. With its existing international confectionary clients, and its experience in this sector, Spies stresses that Imperial Retail Logistics is well-placed to meet Mondelez’s expectations. “In all areas, we follow international best practices, and are complying with our existing European confectionary clients’ stringent international standards, but within the complex, diverse and high risk South African environment.”

Imperial Retail Logistics’ position in the Imperial Logistics group, which boasts outstanding IT systems and IT infrastructure, also contributed to this contract win, he adds. “Our IT capabilities, our ability to interface with the client, our FMCG distribution experience and proven continuous improvement initiatives were further factors that led to our success in securing this significant contract,” he concludes.

Mondelez South Africa is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods Inc, a global confectionery leader and the second largest food company in the world, with products that are marketed in more than 160 countries. The portfolio of Mondelez SA consists of some 350 items in six main categories, including chocolate, beverages, candy, biscuits, gum and groceries. It encompasses brands like Cadbury, Toblerone, Oreo, Jacobs, Royal Baking Powder, Halls, Chappies, Stimoral, Dentyne, Eclairs and TUC.

About Imperial Logistics

With extensive operations throughout Europe and Africa, Imperial Logistics is uniquely placed to partner companies in leveraging the value inherent in their supply chains. By positioning ourselves as an extension of a clients’ business – building our clients’ brands alongside our own – we are co-collaborators in unlocking the competitive advantage contained in complex and dynamic logistics environments. Our own differentiators lie in a combination of an extensive resource base of transportation, warehousing and distribution operations and best-of-breed integrative process and technology solutions.  We apply our pre-eminent supply chain management skills to manage operational processes across end-to-end value chains on behalf of our clients.  As a multi-branded business, we are in a position to optimise the benefits, scale and synergies that are derived from large businesses, while retaining agility, customer focus and an entrepreneurial flair that characterises smaller businesses.  We recognise that our clients’ requirements are unique and customise our service offerings accordingly, whilst leveraging our experience to benefit each client.

For more information, please visit www.imperiallogistics.co.za

Photo: A selection of Mondelez products


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