24 Nov

10 Powerful ways to Improve your Leadership ability, now! (Includes 6 Action Steps!)

Leadership ability

I have been fascinated for many years, reading, listening to and enjoying the various Leaders talk about Leadership traits. In the process, I have had the privilege of becoming a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. The top 10 greatest lessons that keep coming up are these profoundly simple teachings, which resonate with my soul.

  1. Leaders listen.
  2. They are open-minded.
  3. They take advice.
  4. They are inclusive.
  5. They are risk takers.
  6. They are good decision makers. They make decisions that positively grow and impact everyone around them.
  7. Good leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves through self-development.
  8. They are good communicators. Sharing their vision in a powerful way.
  9. They are influential and trustworthy.
  10. They ask great questions.

In an ever-changing environment filled with tons of information at the touch of a button, it is very easy to get lost in becoming technically good, as a Leader.

Being able to leave a legacy is the most powerful and most sought-after and on-going effect, that leaders aspire to.

Our professional environment is now filled with vastly diverse cultures, religions, ages, experiences, education levels and wisdom. This creates a lot of pressure and presents a daunting task for a Leader to work out just how to harness every individual’s potential and be influential, at the same time. (Space)

So what is the solution?

It is simple. As a good listener, a thoughtful Leader will ask great questions and engage with each individual in a way that leaves them feeling respected, honoured and valued for who they are.

People are willing to adjust to a professional environment that values who they are as long as they feel heard. Remember, most people want to know that you care about them, then only will they care about you and what you want.

We hear that often, but how does it actually translate into a practical everyday interaction of effectiveness?

Tools and Tips.

Here are six simple action steps which you can take, right now:

  1. Celebrate the abilities of your people. No, you do not have to always give out incentives to make people work and become productive. If you are a good leader with influence, then your people will want to be high achievers. The key would be to make sure that you acknowledge and highlight every achievement, no matter how small.
  2. Create a circle of wisdom where you ask the questions and listen to the wisdom, guidance and knowledge of your people. Then only do you take a decision that could impact everyone.
  3. Encourage an environment where people come to you with solutions to their problems and implement the one that works best for them, as well as the company.
  4. Be flexible. That does not mean that you implement every single suggestion, but listening to different points of view actually opens your mind to many different possibilities.
  5. Use technology. Now, this may seem dumb now, but if you really used Social Media platforms to your benefit, then you will make yourself far more accessible.
    1. Create a private Facebook page that brags about your people’s achievements. Allow people to post their thoughts. Create an environment of positivity. Encourage updates that are uplifting, thought-provoking, inspirational and boost morale. In other words…get with the times.
    2. Use Whatsapp, Mixit, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to improve your ability to communicate with everyone at any time.
    3. Send YouTube mass video messages to all of your people so that you ensure it is clear and understood. Straight from the horse’s mouth!
  6. Be human. Be approachable. Be gentle. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be strong. Be clear. Be you!

But above all, my best advice will always be this. If you truly enjoy what you do and you honour your people, then you will always be on a journey filled with adventure, self-discovery and fulfilment.

Leaving a legacy does not have to be a physical building. It is can be more powerful than that! You can create Leaders who will build more people through your influence, guidance and leadership.

We welcome you to join us on our journey too. Let’s celebrate humanity together.

How can I help you become more powerfully effective?

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For an exclusive talk on Leadership, and a discounted price for a Mastermind Group, please feel free to contact me directly and let us work together to change to the lives of your people!

Until the next time, take care and have fun!

Ms Arthie Moore: 072 439 4220


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