24 Nov

Business Coaching: A Winning Game Plan

Professional athletes have them, politicians have them, the best businesses in the world have them. Working with a business coach will fast track your journey into creating more time, income and a better performing business.

ActionCOACH Business & Executive Coach, Greg Mason, says business coaching is a relatively new concept in South Africa, and the best way to understand its value is to compare a business coach to a sports coach.

“Just like sports coaches guide players to victory with a winning game plan, a business coach guides business owners to an improved and more profitable business that is aligned to personal goals.

“Most sportsmen have raw talent, but they need a coach to improve their game and take it to the next level. It’s exactly the same in business. Many business owners have made it on their own and are running profitable businesses as a result. Introducing a business coach -who points out your blind spots and holds you accountable to achieve stated goals and performance metrics – unlocks the true potential in the owner and the business,” says Mason.

The link between business owners and athletes is strong. Both are unique and driven individuals, who love competition and the pursuit of victory. In sports, this takes the form of titles and championships. In business, it takes the form of a company that is ever growing, successful and more importantly, profitable.

An athlete needs a coach to give pointers, motivate, offer advice and keep attention focused on the game. Likewise, more business owners are discovering a need for a business coach to listen, offer advice, act as a confidante and serve as a marketing manager, sales director, training coordinator and mentor.

Business Coaching

Greg Mason

Mason says one of the greatest resistances to business coaching is when the business owner questions “What could a coach teach me about my business? I’ve been in business for years and I’ve done well.”

“Absolutely nothing,” says Mason. “If you have built your business successfully then you are unquestionably the expert in your field. There is nothing I can teach you about your business. But a coach will give you a completely objective view of your business, work with you to tap into the knowledge and experience of other successful businesses, and introduce you to a way of thinking about your business that will change the way you approach things,” he says.

A business coach can direct an owner’s attention to the key elements that contribute to the bottom line. Targeting the areas that will “lift” a business into profitability is what a business coach does.

“Coaches don’t consult. We don’t tell you what to do. We don’t do the work for you! By asking you questions and drawing on your unique knowledge and skills, and mentoring you where there are gaps, we coach you to realise your potential, giving you the knowledge, the tools, the vision and the motivation to take both you and your business to the next level and to ultimately enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits that come with it,” he says.

Mason says it’s because business coaching looks at the business as a whole, and relies on a generalist approach versus the specificity associated with business consulting, that more businesses than ever are turning to business coaching as an alternative to traditional consulting services.

“More than a consultant, a coach is an empathetic ear and a sounding board. We hold up a mirror and help you see the wood for the trees with an independent and objective third party view of your business. It’s our job to keep you positive, forward-looking and to ensure that you are taking ownership and being held accountable,” he says.

Business ownership is one of the most exciting, challenging and creative endeavours an individual can explore. Successful business ownership is one of the most rewarding achievements. “Every great sportsman will tell us that we are naïve and short-sighted to think we can do it on our own,” says Mason.


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