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Event Management, Event Marketing & Branding Activation

Event Management

Baobab, a strategic event consultant, is a vibrant company specializing in achieving their client’s marketing, public relations and brand strategy needs through special events, product training and brand networks.

Certain industries focus more on marketing events than any other marketing or advertising strategies because events provide the personal interaction. A key reason for a business to participate in an event is to establish and build its brand by introducing their services or products by means of events. Event marketing allows your company to cultivate and express its particular identity first hand. Through events, you gain the perfect platform to share your ideas, thoughts, products or services in the exact manner you want to present them.

Announcing and planning events on a Budget? Want an innovative event, detailed on branding and marketing presence at the right price? Then Baobab is the Event Agency for you. We have extensive event management experience with an average of over 500 events and 8 years of experience.

For these reasons, it is critical to select a business partner with years of event management and experiential marketing skills that can assist your organization with the errands involved and help you present the best image to your stakeholders.

  • Coordinate all aspects of your event from start to finish including venue selection, scheduling transportation, set-up, catering, coordinate, supply staff and all according to your budget.
  • Plan, organize, staff, and execute events from hospitality and product stands at exhibition shows, conferences, new product launches, seminars and excursions
  • Identify and secure target audience.
  • Exceed client’s expectations.
  • To create tailored events to our client’s needs.
  • To form a trustworthy partnership with our clients

Event Attraction

Great events do not just happen – they require precise planning, particular attention to detail and experienced professionals to manage them within your constraints. You want the right attendees, smooth set-up, awareness, innovative ideas and concepts and an ROI that compliments your investment. All aspects of event administration, creation and planning are undertaken with an acceptance but easy approach to best compliment your resources.

Events, such as: Corporate Incentives, Gifts and Clothing , Special Events, Shows & Exhibitions, Conferences, Year-end functions, Sporting Events & Sponsorships, Team Building, Sales Incentives, and driving events holds the following:

  • Plan and organize
  • Attendance
  • Develop and follow to budget
  • Design, signage and print
  • Execute from start to finish

The Baobab team pass on their added expertise in practical driving situations. All training is offered to individual groups or corporate clients. An addition to our services is the offer of various driver training modules on- and off-site, both nationally and across border in order to facilitate client specific requirements, these includes:

  • Defensive Driver Training
  • Advanced Driver Training
  • Off-road Driver Training
  • Heavy Vehicle Training
  • Specialized Vehicle Training

We enjoy learning about different industries and we may be exactly what you need. We excel in identifying innovated creative ideas and concepts. We research and select the most cost-effective option. We are experienced in many areas and techniques of event management.

Baobab would like to take your brand beyond the world of corporate and into the reality of the stakeholder’s lifestyle…

For More Information, Please contact us at: www.baobablifestyle.co.za / info@baobablifestyle.co.za

Follow us: @BaobabLifestyle on Twitter using #CorporateEvents | Baobab – Corporate Meets Lifestyle on Facebook


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