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Why is training important for new managers and leaders?

new managers

Nearly every business success story can in some way be attributed to effective management and leadership, whereby individuals stepped forth and guided companies through various challenges to achieve their goals. However, despite this, it has been found that only a few companies are willing to invest in the gradual development of their future leaders, instead they rather focus on basic training needs related to daily skills and activities.

This occurrence can also be observed in many companies where, when an opportunity for promotion to supervisory or managerial positions arises, it is typically the employees that have distinguished themselves through their competence and skill in particular operational activities who are appointed. Oftentimes their particular superiors simply expect them to flourish in these new positions without giving them any guidance or training. Inevitably, mistakes then happen.

One should understand that there is a substantial difference between operational skills and managerial skills, and just as one had to first learn how to perform certain operational tasks such as welding, sales or providing legal advice, so too one must first learn how to manage effectively.

new managersThe companies who fail to understand this principle, and do not invest in their managers will end up facing the consequences.

“Not training your managers? It is like giving somebody car keys who has never driven a car before.” – Victor Lipman, Forbes Magazine

By investing in management and leadership training, new managers are empowered with increased competence and efficiency, as well as a sense of direction and purpose – all of which contributes to the growth of the company.

Benefits of management training

Get the fundamentals right

It is crucial to ensure that new managers and potential leaders first grasp the fundamental building blocks of management. In other words, before teaching somebody how he or she has to manage, it is important that they first understand why they are doing it.

These are referred to as the key management principles, namely Planning, Organisation and Leadership & Control, and they remain consistent throughout all management levels.

Multi-level communication

Managers guide and influence businesses on all levels as they provide the link between employees on the shop floor level all the way up to the top level where the final decisions are made. They have to ensure that not only instructions and policies, but also less tangible elements such as values and attitudes, are consistently communicated and reflected throughout the entire company.

Research has shown that management training does, in fact, show an immediate and sustained improvement in the workplace. But developing managers does not stop with the individual manager, it brings out the best in all the employees, because a well-trained manager becomes a more effective leader, who is able to develop the team as a whole. Therefore you do not only invest in an individual, but in a whole team.

Therefore, if the development of management is neglected, the effects will be very detrimental as poor management will not only prevent a business from growing, the slow decay it will cause internally could eventually lead to its entire collapse.

Increases morale

Management training increases individual and team morale, because it builds confidence. A confident manager, who believes in him/herself, will be able to set clear objectives, and achieve them.

A confident manager also radiates positivity, and this, in turn, affects the morale of the entire department. And as we all know, an increase in morale, leads to an increase in productivity, and ultimately – an increase in profits!

From the above it should be apparent that committing to the development of new managers and potential leaders is not simply an HR function, but requires buy-in from all senior members to ensure the growth and success of a business.

SEESA Skills Training offers a Junior Management and Supervisor Development training course that will equip current or aspiring managers, with the necessary management principles along with day-to-day management skills. This will build a solid foundation for managers and allow them to excel in your business environment.


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