24 Feb

The importance of skills development

It is often said that you cannot do things the same way and expect different results. This applies to everything in life. In order to see changes or a difference, one needs to do things differently.

An organization cannot expect to see growth if they do not invest in Skills Development. Investing in skills development is beneficial to the organization as much as it is to the employees.

skills developmentShatterprufe Managing Director, David Coffey is a firm believer in Skills Development and grooming and shaping employees into leaders. Coffey says, ‘’the reason why Shatterprufe invests in skills development is because we value our employees.’’ He further adds that in order for a company to grow, they need to realize who their most important asset is. ‘’Your employees keep the company going, they need to have the skills and knowledge that it takes to ensure that the company will always be ahead of its competitors.’’

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School along with Shatterprufe have had a fruitful partnership over the past three years. The main objective of this relationship is to develop Shatterprufe employees. Shatterprufe gathered a team of senior management, and made it its mission to develop their shift leaders. ‘’After assessing our shift leaders, we worked closely with The Business School to develop a programme that was tailored to upskill and inspire confidence.”

skills developmentThe most important reasons for skills development in an organization are:

  • It is essential for employees to not think of what they do as a job, but rather a career. When you groom and develop skills, they soon learn what they are doing is more than just a job or a means to an end.
  • The world is moving fast and rapidly changing. Employers need to make sure that their employees are skilled and are well equipped to deal with these rapid changes.
  • Skills development always leads to competitive advantage. In order to be the best, you need to have something that nobody else has.
  • Growth is very important personally and in an organization. Employees need to stay learning in order to grow.

skills developmentOrganizations should not only focus on those who already have leadership positions, but should also focus on developing and grooming those in junior level positions. The NMMU Business School along with Shatterprufe believe that those who do not invest in the development of their people will not succeed.

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