24 Feb

Sage launches powerful new Human Resources Management solution for the South African mid-size and large enterprises

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Sage HR Management combines broad HR functionality, simplicity and flexibility to help mid-size and large enterprises improve HR process efficiency

February 5, 2015 – Sage today announced the launch of Sage HR Management, a powerful, simple and flexible Human Resources Management solution, at the Sage Insights 2015 conference at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg. It combines broad HR functionality, simplicity and flexibility to help mid-size and large enterprises gain efficiency on HR processes. It is available either as a standalone product or a module that integrates with Sage ERP X3, empowering HR managers to improve overall business performance with a better control over their workforce costs and a stronger engagement with employees.

Sage HR Management automates processes such as payroll, hiring, on-boarding and retaining talent and provides HR managers with a global, accurate real-time view of HR budget, workforce costs and performance, enabling faster, better-informed operation decisions. Sage HR Management ensures compliance as well as higher employee retention and engagement with easy, self-service HR services. It also helps manage employee development by providing faster and simpler access to skills and performance information. Sage HR Management contains all settings, features, statutory calculations and parameters for payroll and global legislations compliance for the South African market.

The solution is aimed at mid-size and large enterprises in the manufacturing, distribution, services and healthcare industries that are keen to integrate HR with finance, thereby improving efficiency and cost control. By automating back office processes it helps HR departments achieve best practice by reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and managing compliance.

“Whether you’re an existing Sage ERP X3 customer or a growing enterprise looking for a modern, standalone HR solution, Sage HR Management offers you a flexible and powerful answer to your HR needs,” said Jeremy Waterman, Managing Director of Sage ERP Africa.

“With its user-centered design and self-service capabilities, our solution gives your managers and employees the information they need, anytime they need it. Plus, its streamlined approach to analysis and reporting as well as its tight integration with Sage ERP X3 deliver greater efficiencies and enhanced visibility into the business.”

Added Anton van Heerden, Managing Director for Sage HR & Payroll: “Sage HR Management empowers you to achieve more efficiency and more control over the cost of your workforce by automating processes such as payroll, hiring, on-boarding and retaining talent, and statutory reporting.  This frees your HR team to focus on developing your workforce rather than doing paperwork.
“Sage HR Management also provides a global and accurate view of the HR budget and in real-time. With Sage HR Management, you will be able to accurately estimate workforce costs and performance and take personnel decisions based on actual data. This translates into more informed decisions that drive future business success. Plus, it includes flexible mobile features that let employees access HR services anywhere and from any device and that give HR managers access to key performance indicators wherever they are.”

The launch of Sage HR Management further strengthens the suite of HR management solutions offered by Sage and completes the Sage ERP X3 business suite for the mid-size and large enterprises. For further information, please visit: http://www.sagevip.co.za/products/sage-hr-management/


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