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How do you deal with BEE issues as a Business owner?

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Business Essentials provides an online community for businesses and BEE service providers. This is a great source of information on on-going discussions in government, companies or other stakeholders with regards to anything BEE related.

If you are a BEE service provider and Business Essentials client you get:

  • An opportunity to promote your services and industry news.
  • Share your company news with current and prospective clients
  • Increased traffic to your website. Your content is marketed extensively.
  • A pool of industry leaders and players in the same business that you can network with.

If you are a business in need of BEE services Business Essentials press room facility offers information on:

  • How to get BEE certification
  • The BEE certificate application process
  • BEE certificate scoreboard
  • Who BEE consultants are and how to contact them

Why bother with BEE certification?

Apart from the fact that it’s a legal requirement, there benefits to being on board with BEE certification. If you are certified:

  • You get to be a part of solutions to problems that were caused by the inequalities of the apartheid government.
  • Diversity in your company assists you with getting fresh perspectives on running your business.
  • You unify people of different backgrounds and hopefully eliminating prejudices that are caused by people seeing each other from afar.

How did the concept of BEE about anyway?

There is hardly a political or economic discussion in South Africa that does not include issues of black empowerment. It is essential that everyone who intends to do business in South Africa either as a provider or consumer understands the concept of Black Economic Equity (BEE) in terms of how it came about and how it affects them. The BEE programme was introduced by the government after 1994 in an attempt to redress the economic inequalities amoung different races that were created by apartheid policies. Every business is required to have a BEE certificate that proves that measures have been taken to make sure that previously disadvantaged groups have been considered in the distribution of resources and opportunities. This programme is still commonly referred to as BEE but technically it was amended to B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment). The change was made after BEE was criticised for being too narrow in its definition of what racial groups were to be considered as previously disadvantaged groups. The broad definition of “black people” refers to Black Africans, Coloureds and Indians.

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