25 Aug

Spring… a time to bloom as a company and an executive


bloom as a companySpring Day. For many senior executives it has little significance. The PA brings in fresh flowers and the girls in accounts wear bright primary colours and maybe floral patterns. After that it’s back to business as usual, but what if we look at it as a time to bloom as a company?

Spring Day is an ideal time for reviewing progress and initiating action … as a business and as an individual. Nature is sending you a wake-up call. You sleep through it at your peril.

Nature goes through four seasons. So do industries, companies and people. The challenge is to make the most of each in turn.Winter can be bleak. But it’s necessary. We might need to prune and cut back. South African businesses know how tough this season can be as operations have been scaled back and jobs lost.

Winter is also a time for hibernation; for sitting tight, husbanding resources and making no sudden moves. Long nights also foster reflection and create extra time for planning.

Then comes spring.

The weather and business climate improve. New buds appear. Flowers bloom. The economic mood lifts. If you’re still dozy because you’ve done nothing but sleep during the business winter, you’re in trouble. It’s a time for planting, tilling and ploughing on. Planning for growth during the tough times enables an early start. Efficient winter pruning should encourage robust growth in spring.

If not, you may have cut too deeply or taken the corporate axe to the wrong areas. Spring is the time to assess and take action to ensure crop optimization as a new cycle of growth becomes apparent. Nature puts on a show in spring. So do people. New growth creates a chance for new buds to emerge and new flowers to bloom. Are you paying enough attention to the ‘seed beds’ and the strong performers who now have a chance to break through?

What arrangements will create a winning team or ‘bouquet’ – the striking patterns and complementary strengths that ensure winning results? Not everyone is a rose, a daisy or a sunflower. Not every specimen blooms at once; not every tree bears fruit at the same time. But nature’s diversity ensures eye-catching results and sustained yields.

What about you as an individual? Are you being given a chance to grow? Do you have to plant some personal seeds by adding to qualifications or by shouldering new responsibilities to refresh your role? Or is a transplant needed? Should you move to a new company or new field?

Spring leads to summer and you create the richest yields when you are in fertile ground that permits strong root growth.

The harvest comes in autumn. Careers have an autumnal phase as well. In this season, you make hay and optimize the results of previous pruning and planting. This is a time of fulfilment. You see the crop and assess the career and business gains and begin to bloom as a company.

But the ripening promise of summer and the favourable harvest of autumn don’t just happen. They must be cultivated and the time for digging in is now – Spring Day, a time for fresh flowers, fresh colours and a fresh start.

*Written by Annelize van Rensburg, a director of Talent Africa, a leading executive search and talent management company.



Talent Africa | Leadership Development

Talent Africa is a world-class company, based in Sandton, the business hub of South Africa. They offer integrated talent solutions to clients nationally and insub-Saharan Africa. www.talent-africa.co.za

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