27 Sep

Manning Your Exhibition Stand Effectively

phase-1-five Exhibition StandThe use of an exhibition stand has been an effective tool for the marketing of your brand and product for many years now.

Some companies go low key and other go high tech with big spends on massive and some impressive structures. However its not size that matters, but how effectively you as exhibitor use this tool to your advantage – thus the question: How to man your stand properly…

They key to a successful show and maximum ROI is to insure those who represent on your stand is fully capable of doing so. All to many times we build beautiful structures for clients, just to see them hanging around on it and never quite making an impact they way they should, so here a few pointers to insure maximum exposure of your exhibition stand:

  1. Make sure your staff on the stand is trained and well aware of the marketing strategy for the show, whether this is explaining current product or assisting with the launch of a new one.
  2. Decide the theme and stick to it whether this is corporate wear or funky gear – it must be followed through during the show.
  3. Have daily meetings with the representatives and explain the plan for the day, or get feedback from yesterday thus potentially improve on results
  4. Leads, leads and more leads, get them keep them and process them – daily, do not wait for the show to be finished, process briefly with footnotes as they come in!
  5. Lastly enjoy yourselves, I say again, enjoy it!! Smile, project that you WANT to be there and that you are keen to share your knowledge – it will go a long way in making your stand….stand out..




Since opening our doors in 2007, Phase 1 has had the pleasure of dealing with numerous blue chip companies. From design concept to project hand over, Phase 1 has been instrumental in the success of our clients’ exhibition experience. A hands on approach allows us to build a solid relationship with our clients.

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