11 Oct

Challenges of build up time

expo build up time

Time is money, but when it comes to expo build up time it’s worth investing a little more and taking a little longer.

Stand builders in my opinion are the ones who create the magic at any expo. They are the ones bringing to life the creations designed by the various companies, manufacture awesome structures and assemble them to ‘’complete’’ the Expo.

But more often than not, they are treated like the bottom feeders, and most common in this realm is not being given enough time to do their job – thus assembling and finishing the stand…?

In previous years the average expo build up time was at least two days, but as time has gone past this has become shorter and shorter, to the average being one day at present!! This poses a number of challenges as crew has to many times work late into the night or even through the night to complete their structures, in order for it to be ready the next morning.

I find this to be unfair and dangerous at the best of times. Health and safety (another subject in itself) is a hugely contested item, especially if it gets inforced, but its ‘’ok’’ to work through the night to hit the deadline….its just not safe..

I believe venues should charge the clients half price during expo build up days so they can afford to have the builders there for 2 days, to create the magic stands the clients are paying for, rather than whipping the stand builders to install flawless structures, with very, very little time given to do so.



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Since opening our doors in 2007, Phase 1 has had the pleasure of dealing with numerous blue chip companies. From design concept to project hand over, Phase 1 has been instrumental in the success of our clients’ exhibition experience. A hands on approach allows us to build a solid relationship with our clients.

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