25 Nov

AVBOB Foundation delivers Green Libraries

AVBOB Green Libraries

About 20 000 public schools in South Africa do not have libraries, depriving learners critical access to information and the development of reading skills. Since 2013, AVBOB Foundation has reconstructed 36 used shipping containers which was refurbished into fully functional libraries and subsequently donated to previously disadvantaged schools all over South Africa. Initially these container libraries were fitted with all the necessary electrical cables and fittings to enable schools to have it connected to the municipal power grid. However, many of AVBOB’s intended beneficiaries are located in remote and rural areas and they soon realised that schools are unable to connect this free standing container library to the power source. Luckily this problem was soon overcome with the assistance of its highly skilled workforce at AVBOB Industries in Bloemfontein. The factory in Bloemfontein is a state of the art facility and the container libraries were easily converted into Green Libraries that relies solely on Photovoltaic (PV) Solar energy system to generate the required electricity for illumination and the operation of devices such as computers, electric fans, cell phone chargers, etc. The initial scope of the project when it started in 2013 was to donate 30 Green Libraries to schools all over South Africa but it was subsequently extended in 2016 to 50 libraries.




AVBOB Foundation is a leading example of corporate social investment

Avbob Excels in Harsh Economy and Policyholders Reap the Rewards

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