18 Jan

Creating a STAR Culture

Star Culture Leadership Development

It is no secret that lack of employee engagement is one of the biggest drains of resources for businesses. Apathy, exhaustion and lack of commitment are poison to a company. In order to combat these viral emotions leaders must develop a culture of sanctuary, transparency, authenticity and responsibility: the conditions for which engagement, connection and productivity are the results, which we call a STAR culture.

The latest trends in neuroscience indicate that as along as individuals within an organization feel judges when they speak up, shut down when they volunteer ideas and innovation or do not get heard when they express themselves they will not rise up in the way they can or are meant to. Liz Wiseman (author of Multipliers), shows how under these conditions, companies can expect to receive at best 48% of the intelligence and capabilities of their staff. To receive 100% of the intelligence of the employees, they need a safe and conscious space where there is safety to express self, ideas, perspectives; there is a sense of ownership and accountability, and most of all transparency.

Therefore, a STAR culture is an a organizational structure and way of operating that brings out the best in each individual, granting them a place to shine in the spotlight created for them by their team, their superiors and organizational culture. So what does STAR stands for?


Creating a safe and conscious space enabling and facilitating real conversations and connection without fear of judgment, consequence or punishment.


Developing communication skills that allow transparency in a way that honours all parties. Honesty is the foundation of respect. Trusting the recipient of your honesty to react and process the information appropriately forms a respectful relationship that honours all parties.


Exploring the core unconscious drivers of personality with the aim of deepening and enhancing relationships in your team. Creating a team that is free to deliver their skills and talents without feeling pressure to assimilate nurtures individuality and the creative spirit.


Gaining an extensive understanding of responsibility putting the power back in your peoples’ hands. Micromanagement is the death of autonomy. It makes your employees feel powerless and like mindless drones. This does nothing for productivity and commitment. By imparting responsibility and trust on your employees you make them feel like they matter, like their contributions are valid and provide a sense of ownership onto them. Once invested in a cause or outcome, it is much harder to become apathetic and mentally check out.

STAR culture values the tenets of safety and openness in which communication between all participants is free and respectful in order to achieve the above culture. So often communication is wrought with accusation or defensiveness. Most times we enter a conversation, especially in a working environment, with the purpose of achieving a predetermined outcome – pushing an idea, or confronting a colleague about something they have done. This leaves little room for compromise, leading us to plug our ears and climb onto our high horse. Communication is such an important part of creating a STAR culture – it makes people feel acknowledged, important and safe to express concerns. Without clear communication, relationships shut down, connection is lost and people become isolated in their frustration which leads to apathy.

When an employee feels stuck there are two natural responses: to lash out, fight harder, or admit defeat and bide their time getting by on the bare minimum. This is obviously a death sentence for organizational productivity and growth. By this point it’s too late, to re-invigorate a resentful and apathetic person takes time, money and energy that few companies can afford. That is why it is so essential to take care of your human resources right from day one and create pathways of communication that enable, inspire and motivate.

At STAR Leadership we maintain that the path to success can only be found if you follow the following three rules:




If you do this, you will buy into the STAR culture that honours individuals in their ability to grow your organization while simultaneously growing each individual to be the best they can. STAR culture acknowledges that people are not working FOR you, but with you to create a combined life and experience that is mutually beneficial for all, and in so doing creates a culture that makes everyone engaged, productive and fulfilled.


STAR Leadership Development and Coach Training in Johannesburg brings together various leadership and coaching methodologies into one, supporting individuals and organisations in expanding their spiritual, emotional, adversity, creativity, physical and intellectual intelligence.

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