24 Apr

The Future of SHEQ


The SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) management functions within companies are up for some major challenges and a new way of thinking; of doing, has become a global drive. The concept of Risk-based thinking has been introduced and are complimented by the introduction of the Risk Management Standard; ISO31 000. Globally, SHEQ is moving into the risk management arena, and many organisations are already gearing towards these changes.

Approaches such as “Zero Harm”, “Safety Differently”, “Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)” and “Zero Risk” are key indicators that a paradigm shift in SHEQ is required in the world of business today.

What we can expect in the future

Safety redesigned

Employers can no longer afford the “nice-to-have” often bureaucratic management systems and will focus on the legal requirements. We have seen this in the UK with the legislative changes since 2011 as well as in Northern America with the introduction of Short forms of ISO certification, focusing on the core elements only. Why do more than what is legally required?

Health becoming a key component

The introduction by the Department of Labour of Ergonomics in the workplace is most likely happening as early as 2018, with the draft now in final preparation. Proponents for BBS are also punting for laws on Psychological fitness

Environment and Sustainability

The National Green House Gas Emissions Regulations have recently been published and compliance reporting by Tyre manufacturers on waste tyres are on the cards. Global Sustainability Reporting Standards has also been updated giving more structure to the “triple bottom line” reporting drive.

Quality, the Consumer and Corporate Reputation

The Global economy have created a drive to cut ISO standards down to size and a few certification bodies have already created Core modules for the three predominant SHEQ Standards. As the SHEQ focus are moving from “employees” to “stakeholders”, the scope of the SHEQ practitioner are becoming more specific toward corporate strategic objectives.

In closing, SHEQ is evolving – Are you leading the way?

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