05 Sep

Building that winning team in the 21st Century



South Africa’s significant change in workforce culture has led to a more employee-driven environment.

According to a Forbes article on being successful in the workplace, to be like the best 21st century organisations and empower leadership and employees to deliver truly great work, you have to provide your team with a culture and environment that inspires them to bring their best.

South Africa in the 21st century has seen a significant change in the culture of its workforce. Organisations have moved from purely investing in their products and services to concentrating more on an employee-driven environment. This major shift has allowed for a more engaging and supportive work space where employees can co-create and achieve the organisation’s goals together.

According to Forbes, the culture of the organisation is what influences a winning team. In order to build successful teams, organisations must focus on recognising their employees and invest in them. Ideas like promoting employee development with upskilling and training, and instilling the company values in employees for them to live it out, is important.

If the team works in an environment where the values and culture always push them to be the best they can be, the results are inevitable – the organisation grows and multiplies. Creating a winning team takes hard work, consistency and a solid foundation. In order for the team to truly identify with organisational values, they need to see those values being demonstrated in their leadership.


This is what motivated Branch Manager for the International Colleges Group Beryldene Bain to upskill herself through her company, in order to improve her leadership and team dynamic. Beryldene pursued a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Diploma at Damelin Correspondence College (DCC). “Studying at DCC has certainly helped me advance in my career. It has afforded me with the skills in order to motivate and encourage my team to be and do better,” she said.

By furthering her studies, Beryldene demonstrated dedication and passion to her team. Even though it might have been a personal decision to further her studies, ultimately the skills she acquired through her qualification will assist her to lead her team with knowledge.

Building an effective team involves strong leadership and awareness of the organisation’s goals. The team must see passion and excellence as traits in their leadership in order for them to reciprocate this behaviour in their own personal spaces and in their work.

In order for you to create your winning team, treat your employees as your greatest assets. Upskill yourself to provide them with better leadership, promote their personal development, compliment them and ensure they live the company values. It is that simple. This will result in a significant difference in your organisation.


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