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Weight Loss Program

Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program

Compliance of medical products, treatments and programs is a challenge that the medical and aesthetic industries continuously face. At Skin, Body & Health Renewal, compliance is taken extremely seriously, to ensure that clients and patients are only exposed to safe and legal procedures.

In this regard, Body Renewal has developed a HCG medical weight loss program. Why? Firstly, it allows control over the entire process to ensure that every step of the way is approved by the Department of Health and secondly, owning the process reduces costs, and the benefit of this is passed directly onto the clients.

The qualified, professional team of nurses and doctors at Body Renewal walk this journey with each patient. A support structure is essential for success throughout a process where more than just self-discipline is required. Patients are encouraged by the team during a check in every two weeks.

The Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program is supported by HCG and designed to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a hormone formed in the fat cells, and is responsible for the regulation of the metabolism as a whole. The reason that most people have excess weight that just doesn’t want to budge is because of their resistance to Leptin.

A person with no or low resistance to Leptin can eat just about anything, without gaining weight, but those with a higher resistance to Leptin have increased appetite and a slower metabolism.

There are three different kinds of fat in our bodies.  Structural fat protects our organs and acts as a cushion in order to protect us on the inside. This is a very necessary and important fat.  Normal fat is stored as backup energy to use when necessary, and is also an important fat for us to function optimally.  Abnormal fat, however, can’t be used in a nutritional emergency and is hard to lose. This is the excess fat that is detrimental to our health and the fat that is so hard to shed.

The Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program is designed to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity and has a four-pronged approach:

  1. Low GI diet

This balanced meal plan is flexible and practical and will assist in the changing of eating habits without starving the body. The diet can easily be maintained by those with busy schedules. Patients with medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure have been successfully treated on this program.

For extra convenience, frozen meals – prepared according to strict recipes – are available online and at the branches. This includes a wide range of soups, meals and proteins already portioned – all you have to do is defrost and heat it at home.

  1. Weight loss supplements

The supplements used in the Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program have been formulated and tested by a team of experienced medical doctors and contain the most up-to-date, natural weight loss aids.

  1. Daily shakes

A daily meal replacement low GI shake is incorporated into the well balanced diet, to ensure optimal nutrition.

  1. The Lipotrophic (HCG) injections:

The Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss HCG injections are prepared and sealed in a sterile laboratory by qualified pharmacists, as is required by law. In order to sustain the body’s normal metabolism, the authentic, stabilized HCG is required at the correct daily dosage. These injections are non-synthetic, bio-identical and compiled for each specific patient.

To celebrate our new weight loss program we are running a Slender Challenge competition, which starts 30 July 2016 and runs over a 12-week period. The 30 chosen finalists will each receive Body Renewal medical weight loss products worth R10 000 needed to begin their weight loss journey. The average weight loss expected per candidate is 14.9kg. The winner will receive a Body Renewal package worth R25 000, tailored to suit the winner’s needs. Entries close 13 July 2016, for more information visit www.slenderblog.co.za

The Medical Weight Loss Program is supported by state of the art weight loss devices such as I-lipo™ and Velashape™ at much reduced price to assist in shaping the body once patients get close to their goal weight.

To find out more about the Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program, visit www.healthrenewal.co.za or contact 086 126 3972 to book an individual assessment.


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