26 Mar

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Incorporating the world into your design plan

If you’re travelling abroad, be sure to bring a few international trends and ideas into your business and your home this season. We’re loving the bold colours of the exotic corners of the globe, there’s just nothing like a fashionable dose of nonconformism and a deliciously aplomb approach. Bring home the season of maximalism and bright colour!

Sensational Design – It’s in the experience

We’re loving the new international movement in design called Design Experience, this is as arty as it gets! In the same way that modern art has never aimed to create beautiful pictures, so much as provoke a reaction from the viewer, interior design is mirroring this; pioneering an exciting change in the way we think.

Design Experience is about walking into a room and experiencing a tangible sensation. Whether it is positive or negative, is beside the point. The point is that you walked in and had an experience as a result of the design. This gives you a talking point with another person who perhaps had a completely different experience from the same design. Our experiences speak about who we are. Isn’t it fascinating that we can each have a different experience with the same design? It’s like the design is really reflecting back to us, the unique and individual characteristics within ourselves.


Eat your heart out with the Pantone colour feasts of 2018

Whether you’re in Europe, USA, Australia, Africa or Asia, bright colours are boldly, unapologetically, and oh-so fabulously back! Of course, if you do find something totally off the charts unique and exotic overseas, bring it back to our shores and don’t keep the secret! The trend that’s hot everywhere is to toss the rulebook and dig deep for heartfelt inspiration instead. Pantone’s colour of the year, ultraviolet, described as “a complex, celestial shade of purple, veering toward the cooler end of the colour spectrum” is here to make statements.

Finding and building your ‘happy space’ on home soil

As far as business spaces go across the globe, we’re seeing a definite move away from the formal grey spaces we’re used to. Instead, professionalism is defined by rich, imaginative ideas and a homely approach to making your work spaces comfortable and relaxed.

Bring the beauty of the world into your home, and while you’re at it, break a few design rules. If you want to know how, contact Redesign Interiors or email Paige at paige@redesign-interiors.co.za.



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