04 Apr

How To Raise Your TIE-Q With T.M.Lewin


You’ve got the highest IQ in the office but does your TIE-Q hold the same position?

Ties can make all the difference between an aesthetic wonder and fashion blunder. More often than not, ties are neglected mostly due to lack of knowledge. While many would argue, this tiny piece of fabric has the ability to make or break your outfit – with the right tie, a simple everyday outfit can turn into a red carpet ensemble.

T.M.Lewin brings you The Guide to Raise Your TIE-Q:

The Basics

In the sartorial marriage of a shirt and tie, the tie is always noticed first. In general, the width

of the tie should match the width of the lapels on the suit it’s being worn with and the knot, should be one that suits the type of collar on the shirt.

The Collar

Most men know how to tie a necktie and out of convenience, laziness, or blissful ignorance

they inevitably match that one known knot with every shirt collar they encounter. Keep this simple diagram in your top pocket, to ensure you never go wrong again:

Stripes vs. Patterns

Introducing pattern to the shirt and tie is where things become interesting, the key is to

ensure harmony. A plain shirt: As a rule of thumb, the tie should always be a shade darker than the shirt. For bolder colour combo’s opt for complimentary colours on the colour wheel – Green is complementary to pink, and therefore khaki shades paired with a pink shirt are a bold choice that will make you stand out for all the right reasons in the office. A patterned shirt: The easiest way to avoid conflict is to opt for a colour block tie. However, if you want to dabble in pattern-mixing, there is one simple rule to follow – Always vary the size of the patterns.


The fabric choice of your tie and the occasion go hand-in-hand. Ties with sheen are generally reserved for business settings, while more textured fabrics, like wool, work well for smart and casual events. Knitted ties (the rebellious younger brother of the tie world) fall into a rather helpful grey area – they can dressed up or down depending on what they are worn with. Keep this guide close to your chest and you will never go wrong with your tie choice again;

T.M.Lewin is sure to raise your TIE-Q.

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