18 Apr

How Much Do You Know About Paper Shredders?

paper shredders

Paper shredders are a must-have product for any office or even your home office.

Anywhere where the use of paper documents piles up and takes up space. Getting rid of such documents could leave you vulnerable and these days everyone is aware that people go through trash for various reasons. The most important reason being for recycling purposes but you can never be too careful because there will always be risks and you definitely don’t want any personal information getting into the wrong hands. Ever.

There are 3 main options for paper shredders: strip cut, cross cut and micro cut.

Strip cut paper shredders shred the paper into strips ranging from 40 to 50 strips per A4 piece of paper. Because these are the basic paper shredders they are the most affordable in the range. If you deal with classified or sensitive documents bear in mind that this type of paper shredder is the least secure in terms of prying eyes so if you’re worried about the risk of somebody who is determined enough to take the time to piece the shredded strips of paper together, then this type of shredder is not the best choice.

Cross cut shredders cut paper in vertical as well as horizontal strips. An A4 piece of paper once cut will be in 300 or 400 small shredded pieces. Because of this wonderful feature, you’ll be able to rest assured that there is absolutely no chance of anybody ever piecing together a single document. The pieces of shredded paper are just too small and impossible to puzzle piece together again. This is why financial institutions, banks, legal firms and government departments, as well as other companies choose cross cut paper shredders.

Micro cut shredders afford the highest security level because instead of a few hundreds of shredded pieces of paper this type of machine shreds an A4 sized document into thousands of tiny pieces of confetti. A lot of government agencies and other secret departments paranoid about security use micro cut shredders. So if you are neurotic about protecting yourself and don’t want to leave anything up to chance you will love this option.

Before you rush out and purchase a paper shredder do take the time to find out what the throat size of the particular shredder is that you’re considering buying. Think about what sizes your documents are that you will be feeding into the shredder and make sure you check yourself whether or not the throat size is at least 9 inches which will be big enough for A4 pieces of paper.

Another option to consider is whether you want an integrated shredder or a stand-alone machine. Integrated paper shredders are quite handy as they have waste basket attachments which keep the floor free from mess and save time when cleaning up. However, any waste bin will suffice if you place it underneath the free-standing shredder and position it properly. Contact Whiteboard Shop for more details.

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