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7 Colours That Enhance Neutral Kitchen Cabinets



Cream cabinets give a kitchen a warm and inviting feel, and the shade is soft enough to complement many colours, from ravishing red to bold blue. Just take a look at these combinations.

– Adapted from 7 Colours That Enhance Cream Kitchen Cabinets

1. Blue

If you want your cream cabinets to have a fun contemporary vibe, blue is the ideal colon. The neutral units around the perimeter of this kitchen are pared-back and elegant, and would have worked alone as a chic, sophisticated design. However, the designers decided to give the room a bold modern twist with their choice of bright blue for the island.

Blue is on the cool end of the colour spectrum, so it complements the warm tones of the cream.


2. Red

Bring out the warm tones in cream by pairing it with bright red. The two colours work well together because red lends zing to cream surfaces, while ivory hues give a mellow warmth to bright red. This bold backsplash adds interest to the sleek contemporary cabinets and gives the space a cosy look. The addition of wood-effect units and a solid wood table also boosts the earthy feel.


3. Black and white

Give a warmer feel to a black-and-white palette by mixing in some cream. These traditional Shaker-style cabinets frame the jet black countertop and the marble backsplash. The slick combination of black and white looks contemporary and minimal, but the cream colour changes the feel completely. If you want a clean, fresh look, don’t be afraid to keep your colour scheme neutral. These cream cabinets team with walls painted and tiled in crisp white.

5. Bright green

Soft cream is the perfect backdrop to tone down bold shades. The green in this kitchen, for example, is wonderfully vivid but could be too much for some. The cream cabinets help mute the bold tones slightly for a space that feels warm, natural and fresh.


6. Orange

These cream kitchen cabinets have a gentle tone that feels soft and minimalist. To energize the space, the designers selected a few striking orange accents. The plastic stool and the citrus-coloured pendant light look vivid against the mellow hues elsewhere.

7. Sage

For a colour that’s as soft and gentle as your cream cabinets, you can’t go wrong with sage green. This beautiful kitchen’s calmness comes from its mix of ivory wall units and pale green island. The warm tones in both colours work well together to create a tranquil, elegant space.

Salvocorp has a range of colours that would work well with cream cabinets in a guesthouse or restaurant kitchen. Even if you’re installing cream coloured cabinets in a clothing boutique or educational space, Salvocorp’s colours like Staron Powder Blue or FunderMax’s Intensive Red will work well with a modern brand and cream cabinets or shelving.


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