26 Jun

South African graduates depart for year-long internship



8 False Bay College students jet off to China for year-long international internship

False Bay TVET College friends and family bid farewell to eight (8) students who departed on a yearlong exchange programme in collaboration with the Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Centre and MerSETA.

The Centre is a leading official Chinese Educational Institution in South Africa that focuses on education collaboration between countries. The relationship has been ongoing for the past (Five) 5 years with great success, bringing together the efforts of Higher Education Institutions, the MerSETA and international counterparts.

The initiative focus on selecting students for an international internship programme, which includes 6 months in the training institution and 6 months within the workplace with the aim to obtain the Chinese National CNC Certificate (NITE). The selection of workplace practical training will be specifically related to the critical shortage of technical skills as per the SETA’s Sector Skills Plan in South Africa.

The students, Monray Julius, Banele Mtebele, Nomvuyo Citi, Bukelwa Wili, Velencia Bukwana, Avela Nkompela, Sakhumzi Mavithana and Ashley Ndzena who departed on 13 June 2018 will be based at the Changzhou College of Information Technology (CCIT).

Miss Ashley Ndzena, a 30 year old Khayelitsha resident who studied Electrical Infrastructure Construction NC(V) at False Bay TVET College is ready to go. When asked how she was feeling she said, “This is my first time on an aeroplane and my first time to travel abroad, so I am very excited. My parents are so proud of me, but they are also sad to see me leave for so long. I know this is the best for me, but it’s also scary because I will have to be responsible for me and our hosts will be watching out for us to do well.”

Several briefing sessions were held under the portfolio of Ms Dominique Meyer, False Bay TVET College Work Integrated Learning Manager (WIL) to prepare the graduates for the opportunity and stated that “We will continue to keep in contact with the students to ensure they are performing and adapting as best possible to the new lifestyle.”

False Bay TVET College Acting Principal, Ms Karin Hendricks also addressed the students in the send-off briefing session saying “You will work harder than you have before as the culture in China is committed to excelling academically and working optimally. You have been selected and you need to make this experience a significant shaper of your future.”

Amongst other positives is the fact that this initiative will be able to maintain and promote relationships between the two economies while developing these graduates for the benefit of Chinese companies in South Africa as well as for the South African industries. They will return a year later matured and experienced, ready to plough back and share their new learnt skills and abilities!

DID YOU KNOW! Chinese students are required to complete a specialised exam (Gaokao) after concluding secondary school, in order to attain admission into the Higher Education System. Much like the recommended requirements of the South African Higher Education System, which encourages potential students to complete a PACE (Performance Assessment of Competency Education) assessment. The Chinese State, also governs the education and certification process of both the basic and higher education, much like the South African TVET sector. https://www.oecd.org/china/Education-in-China-a-snapshot.pdf

For more information, please contact Dominique Meyer on 021 7006400.


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