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6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brighter This Winter


Winter is in full force and we know the cold can put a damper on a lot of things

Although the weather may be slightly grey, make your home feel brighter right now, and you can help your client enjoy the freshness of the season indoors.

While “spring cleaning” is pretty standard for the spring, “spring redecorating” might sound like a whole different beast, but it can make all the difference in a space during the winter months. Your redecorating doesn’t need to be major. With these six easy changes, you can make your client’s home or guesthouse feel brighter and invite the winter season in.

1. Start with the basics: light sources

You’re ready to make a space feel brighter, and you can probably guess the best place to start. Lighting makes a world of difference. The more natural light you can bring into an office, home or hotel this winter, the better, but, where natural light falls short, think through how you fill in the gaps.

The higher a light is hung, the more it’s able to simulate natural light. Recessed lighting is a huge help in adding brightness. You don’t have to limit that light to your ceilings, either. Build recessed lighting into cabinets to add even more warmth.

2. Minimize your window coverings

Window coverings can trap much of the light you want to bring in. On the contrary, light-coloured, lightweight curtains hung high will make your windows feel open and airy.

If you normally have heavy or dark curtains hanging, consider swapping them out seasonally. This relatively easy change makes a space feel refreshed and ready for the cold months ahead.

3. Explore outdoor living

Don’t limit your client to the walls of their guesthouse or hotel. If you have outdoor space, use it. Setting out a few chairs where you can relax and enjoy cold evenings by a fire expands your living space to the outdoors, where you’ll find an abundance of brightness. You get extra points if you can set up your outdoor living area near an indoor one. Leaving the door open between the spaces connects the two, bringing that crisp feeling of the outdoors in.

4. Hang mirrors to make your home feel brighter

When you think about brightening a space, you think about adding light, right? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the light you already have shining inside, and multiply it? There is: mirrors. Strategically place mirror art near windows and doors, where natural light is already abundant. The light will bounce off the mirror and into your client’s space. Mirrors also have the added benefit of making an office or retail space appear bigger which always goes a long way.

5. Elevate your furniture

Heavy, squat furniture doesn’t do you any favours when you’re trying to make an office or hotel reception room feel airier. You don’t have to buy a whole new set of furniture, either. You can add new legs to couches and dressers, lifting them off the ground to add more breathing room around your furniture. Swap out clunky desk, coffee table, and dining table legs for something that can carry the weight of your furniture without adding visual weight to the room, like hairpin legs.

6. Decorate with plants

Winter is a time of internal evaluation – when many plants begin the growing process before blooming. You want to make your client’s project space feel brighter to carry some of that growth and evaluation into your living spaces, and move away from the dreariness that can often accompany the cold. What better way to do that than by actually bringing in living things? Decorating with plants adds vibrancy to any room. A simple orchid on the dining table or a small tree in the corner can be enough to make a room feel alive and energized, as well as making guests, clients and customers feel welcome and at ease.

Winter is here, bringing a perfect time to refresh and energize your home. Use these tips to make each room in your house feel bright and airy.

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