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Thought Leadership – Financial Mail Corporate Essentials 2018

thought leadership

Thought Leadership editorial pieces from Financial Mail Corporate Essentials tailored business directory

Segmented and divided into relevant business categories, our well-structured publication ensures that you can quickly and efficiently find the services you need – located nearest to you.

The magazine introduces you to trusted suppliers in a range of industries, as well as insightful Thought Leadership articles from the leaders in the industry. The list of trusted suppliers, from financial services to logistic companies, office consumable products to IT specialists and many more cuts your search time and enables you to focus on your core business.

The Corporate Essentials targeted business-to-business approach and deep understanding of the diverse corporate environment ensures you direct access to a powerful network of companies and suppliers – both through the printed guide and its digital online counterpart.

Thought Leadership articles in 2018 Corporate Essentials

thought leadership

Musings On Magnificence – Substance. Order. Form. Finesse

By Neil Savage, Managing Director, Robson Savage

thought leadership

Organisational Development Unlocking Employee Engagement

By Dries Lombaard, Director of Strategic Engagement, Strengths Institute

thought leadership

Financial Health of Your Fund

By Stephen Tennant, MD, Tennant Life Benefits

thought leadership

The Importance of Occupational Hygiene in the Workplace

By Clara Odayar, Occupational Hygienist, Hazrisk Consulting

thought leadership

The Youth Dividend – Showing Young Women a World of Opportunity

By Cara Bouwer, Writer & Researcher, WDB Investment Holdings

thought leadership

Blockchains Are Poised to Disrupt Every Industry… Including Yours

By Gideon Galloway, CEO, King Price

thought leadership

The African Leadership Opportunity: Hiring for Imperfection

By Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, CEO, Jack Hammer

thought leadership

Managed Business Services: How MBS Gets You Back to Your Business

By Daniel Lotter, Itec Managed Business Services (MBS)

thought leadership

Do You Really Need to Print?

By Wayne Fyvie, Sales & Marketing Director, Green Office

thought leadership

The Top 5 Conferencing Requirements of Corporates

By Leniese van der Merwe, Marketing Manager, Gallagher Convention Centre

thought leadership

Integrating Cyber Resilience into your Business Continuity Plan

By Michael Davies, CEO, Continuity SA

thought leadership

Entrepreneurial Development – A Solution for Substantive Empowerment

By Gideon Gerber, one of the founding members of SERR Synergy

thouhgt leadership

Banks Lose Veto Over Home Sales in Execution

By Andrew Schaefer, MD, Trafalgar

thought leadership

Reduce Tax Liability & Risk

By Adv. Carien van Dijk, Tax Director, The Supremacy Group

thought leadership

Debt Recovery Communication in a Digital Age

By Dave Holding, Managing Executive, Blake and Associates

thought leadership

Low-Cost Investing

By Meyer Coetzee, Director, Prescient Investment Management

thought leadership

The Powerful Benefits of Incentive Travel – and Measuring the Impact of its Success

By Johan Venter, Managing Director, URBAN GINGA

thought leadership

Shaping the Future with Flexibility and Adaptability in the MICE Industry

By Minister Kganyago, Manager: Business Events Marketing, ATKV Resorts

thought leadership

RPA The Robots Are Ready to Arrive in 2018

By Mark Hillary, Analyst, IBA Group

thought leadership

The Future of Work In a Digital World

By Cathy Smith, Managing Director, SAP Africa


Corporate Essentials tailored business directory

Apart from these compelling Thought Leadership articles, in the magazine, you will also be introduced to a range of trusted suppliers in various industries.

The Corporate Essentials 2018 E-magazine.

thought leadership

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