24 May

Identify the Blind Spots


Running a business is hard work

Anyone in charge of a business, whether it’s an energetic startup to a large national or global organisations, feels the often unbearable pressure of just being able to survive through to the next month. As Elon Musk has quipped, it’s like eating glass and staring into the abyss. Given that he has South African roots, something in him must have thought about our local economy when making this memorable comparison.

Economies peak and trough, business start and fail and people get hired and fired, but the key determining factors of any successful business remain the same. These include sound decision-making, staff motivation, smart brand management, handling debt correctly and concentrating on customer experience, and they’ll always see any business through, no matter the environment.

For too long, people have resisted failure and the deep wound of its connotations in both business and personal contexts. But if you accept that growing a company is a tough job, it’s going to come with more than its fair share of failures and disappointments. We must embrace this a simply part of the journey, and certainly the only way to eventually experience some form of success.

But there’s nothing like some help along the way. In this newsletter, we’ve compiled some of the most refreshing and useful aids for business owners. Whether it’s some general encouragement for entrepreneurs or identifying specific blind spots, Business Essentials’ SME Business Toolkit sheds helps you get the job done.


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